I'd relish (hot dog pun!) the opportunity to speak at your organization or conference. 

Download the Marketing Fun With Mike Speaking and Workshop Kit HERE!

Mike is a wonderful resource and has helped my business evolve in numerous ways. Mike is one of the best public speakers I have ever seen present. There is an instant connection between him and the audience. Mike is a true innovator.
— Travis, Ohio Growth Summit Attendee

My keynote speeches and workshops are available for the following topics and can be customized based on what we think I can most help your group with!

1) The Passionate Marketing Revolution: It's time to tap into your customers passions and have a company that you truly believe in.  The Passionate Marketing Revolution keynote is based off of the tactics and takeaways from Mike's most recent book and can be implemented as a speech or workshop for companies and organizations.
Is it time for you and your employees to tap into your customers passions by utilizing people and purpose? Then this keynote or workshop is for you!

2) The Sales Recipe: This 16 step program to sales success has been created and implemented by Mike, his clients, and past groups/organizations!  Mike has sold 75,000 hot dogs and over $12 Million Dollars in his sales career…all by utilizing the Sales Recipe.
Are you ready to implement a philosophy and step by step sales strategy for your team or conference and help everyone involved grow in their sales career? Then this keynote or workshop is for you!

3) The Digital Marketing and Advertising Recipe : Mike and his digital marketing team have built their own online businesses, helped dozens of companies of all sizes utilize their process to generate leads, and have raised over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in crowdfunding campaigns for clients all by utilizing their authentic and unique look at Digital Marketing and Advertising.
Are you a company that is ready to thrive with your digital marketing and advertising footprint and want to learn and implement the recipe that has brought Mike and his team years of digital success? Then this keynote or workshop is for you!

We were thankful for Mike for presenting at Data Driven! One of the staff favorites and highly spoken of by several people who attended his presentations and then approached me later to tell me they enjoyed it.
— Lynette, Data Driven Conference President
Speaking Pic
We hired Mike to talk to the staff as part of a team building experience—staff loved him and found great value in how and what he said. We were excited to have Mike present to the group.
— Jeffrey, Community Research Partners