Marketing Fun With Mike is part of "The Spring!" and YOU ARE TOO!

I'm grateful for every day I have in this world and the opportunity to spend it working with you to help you live the life you want and deserve.

There's more to be done in my eyes than just passionate digital marketing and as a basketball coach I wanted you to know when you are working with me you are helping me by "passing it forward." #BasketballPun

Beginning back in January of ‘18 every client I work with each month gets to give CLEAN WATER to ONE PERSON FOR LIFE! 
It's 1 for 1 at Marketing Fun With Mike, you work with me, another human gets clean water. In 2018 we reached the number of 151 and in 2019 the goal is 200.

Together we are part of "The Spring" by Charity Water and we are part of something bigger when we work together. 

In my vision it's beyond giving money to make a difference in this world so if you are ever curious about what I do when I'm not writing marketing books, hanging in downward dog, running a half marathon, or attempting to complete my quest to visit all 60 National Parks in America...I love to VOLUNTEER!  

Here's a bit about my current volunteering activities:

  • 7th and 8th grade boys basketball coach in Columbus at Our Lady of Peace

  • Leadership Volunteer for the Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer's

  • Immediate Past President of Mid-Day Toastmasters

  • I also put on a free kids basketball camp in the summer with my friends at Nova Village and the help of a village's worth of awesome volunteers! 
    Below is a pic of all of us at the first free kids basketball camp back in 2014.


Thanks for "Passing it Forward" with me!

Marketing Fun With Mike aka Mike Rudd

2018 Year end totals

2018 Year end totals