Marketing Fun With Mike Sales Recipe Program!


Marketing Fun With Mike Sales Recipe Program!

I'm ready!

Marketing Fun With Mike Presents...The Sales Recipe!

Become a Selling Extraordinaire!

16.5 Fixings that will let you THRIVE and not just SURVIVE in your sales career!

The Sales Recipe includes:
-16.5 Step PDF with my proven sales process to increase sales year after year.
-The Five Top Attributes of Salespeople Video with lifelong sales trainer Jim Pontius, all of which are attributes you aren't born with!
-The "TOO SALESY" Sales Movie Quote Countdown List
-Your Sales Tips Glossary Sheet
-The "Get Jacked Up" Sales Call Prep Sheet

PS: Portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water.
Because after all…Hot Dogs can't get boiled and then thrown on the grill without clean water!