Marketing Fun With Mike Efficiency Recipe Program!

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Marketing Fun With Mike Efficiency Recipe Program!

I'm ready!

Marketing Fun With Mike Presents...The Efficiency Recipe!

Become an Efficiency Extraordinaire!

A 25 Step Program that will free up 14 hours per week for you to live the life you want and deserve!

The Efficiency Recipe includes:
-The 25 Step 60 Page PDF Efficiency Program
-Efficiency Recipe Calendar with your 30 Motivational Words to get you ALL JACKED UP each morning!  Hang it somewhere you can see it each morning.
-Six Case Study One Sheets with the top 3 Takeaways for each person that will help you!  Read through them and learn from those that have already gone through the program.
-Efficiency Recipe 10 Step Cheat Sheet to have hanging in your office to remind of you the program. 
-15 Minute video with Mike and Global Sales Speaker Anthony Iannarino on how to ruthlessly prioritize your life!  Watch Anthony and be ready to take notes!
-"Some Like it Organized" PDF with Professional Organizer Michelle Powell!  5 Tips from a true professional on organizing!

PS: Portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water.
Because after all…Hot Dogs can't get boiled and then thrown on the grill without clean water!