The Makings of a Dynasty


If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that my chosen “traditional” sport is basketball.  I still play, I am a volunteer coach, and I put on a free kids basketball camp.

Outside of basketball my sporting interests lie in the outliers like hiking, yoga, running, crossfit, and surfing if I ever live closer to the ocean.

If you aren’t aware the Golden State Warriors recently won their 3rd NBA Title in 4 years which to me constitutes a dynasty.  They are one game away from being 4 for 4 but the greatest player in the game (Lebron James) was able to knock them down once in their epic four straight years of going at it in the finals.

What are the makings of a dynasty? How do you create one?

It’s on everyone’s mind in business.  A business dynasty is one that creates long-term success and social impact that will be talked about long after you gone.

The Golden State Warriors are a very interesting case study to me and to take a few key traits of what they did and apply to whatever you are working on.

Here’s what Golden State did to make their dynasty you can consider in your career:

  1. They didn’t settle for above average.  After making a surprise run in the NBA playoffs then losing in the first round the owner/GM fired coach Mark Jackson and said they should be winning title.  They brought in Coach Steve Kerr and new players to a seemingly “decent” team and have been to the NBA Finals four years in a row.  Making the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs is above average but they rolled the dice to go for more.
  2. Hustle.  No one works harder as a team in the league.  Steph Curry is known for his crazy hours shooting in the gym late.  Andre Iguodola looks in as good of shape now as he did when he entered the league 13 years ago.  It goes all the way down the line.  These guys have incredible hustle and work ethic.
  3. Fun.  No team in the league has more fun playing together.  This is not my assumption or just blind opinion without basis. Many players on Golden State and players on other teams have outwardly said that Golden State, while working hard, has a ton of fun in their work.  They play loose and they are having as much fun as they appear to be having.
  4. They didn’t settle for one title.  After Lebron and Cleveland knocked them off in the 2016 Finals they didn’t settle.  Instead they went out and got Kevin Durant in a bold move that shocked the league.  It was a move that paid off and instead of a team that won a title has turned them into a dynasty; and a dynasty that has potential to win a few more titles together before it’s all said and done.
  5. Process and Systems.  They stick to their process and systems.  They know when to pass, when to shoot, when the coach should talk, and when the players should take over.  It’s abundantly clear when watching them play they trust the process and the systems they have in place.
  6. Veteran Leadership.  David West, Shaun Livingston, and the previously mentioned Iguodola form this core veteran experience (all 13 plus years in the league) that combines with great youthful leaders to have veteran leadership from #1 on the roster all the way down to #15.  That’s hard to find.

Look at those six pillars in their making of a dynasty.  How much better could we be if we worked on those tactics and strategies?  Seems to me that there isn’t a magic potion in sports but rather the same work and grit going into a career that goes into playing basketball.

Notice that I didn’t list talent on this list.  Every team in the NBA has talent.  It takes more than talent.  Golden State was not on anyone’s radar four years ago; not because they didn’t have talent but rather they hadn’t truly instilled these pillars yet.

They have worked on them relentlessly for the past four years and the results show.

What do you think? Am I on to something or just jumping on the “Splash Brothers” bandwagon?

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