Publishing a Book THINKTANK: Phase One

The time is indeed NOW!
Writing a book has been the process that I have been toiling away at for the past 14 months.  I’m finally at a point where I see a finish line to release my 3rd book to the world.

This THINKTANK project will actually show people how to publish a book, rather than the process of writing it.

My best thoughts and advice to writing a book is to first have the urge and sensation that you have a story or topic that you want to put out there in the world.

Then you just get to schedule uninterrupted “writing block” times where you do nothing but write.  And you do this every day.  On the weekends, on Mondays, and on vacations.

The process gets to happen over and over again and you give yourself the time to make it possible to write something.

I’m at a point now where you can see in the picture above the manuscript is ready.  I have done about five edits and one complete rewrite of the book.

I’ve also had my wife give a thorough review and analysis of the book prior to another round.

Now after 14 months of writing, 5 edits, and 1 rewrite I’m ready to get this thing published!

What comes next?

Well since this is phase one I wanted to share the whole end to end point from having a manuscript about ready to actually printing a physical copy of your book and being able to ship it to a reader.

It’s ready…but I want this book to be my best yet.  I have decided to hire a professional editor.  Someone who knows what they are doing and are going to be able to challenge everything in the book to be the best possible.

I’m at a point where I could have probably gone straight to publishing (this is what I did for my first two books) but I realized to take the next step in my writing, content that I am creating, and work that I am putting out there in the world that having a pro do what they do best was my next step in the process.

So that’s where we are at!  I’ll be getting my first edits back from them this week and I’m excited to share and expose to you the whole process of how to self publish a book and what those final few months leading up to your book launch party (yes you get to have a party when it launches because it’s definitely a celebration!).

I hope you’ll find the process useful.  Writing is a love of mine and a craft that I continue to toil away to attempt to get better at but it’s definitely a work in progress.  Books are a great way to let the art flow out of your heart, soul, and mind and release it to the world.  If you are interested in writing a book I highly encourage you to follow that and give it a whirl!

My hope is this THINKTANK series will give you insight and tools to make the process as much fun and valuable to your growth as possible.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to receive the bi monthly THINKTANK videos by signing up HERE.  I appreciate you reading this post, I’m most grateful for shares, and thanks for being a part of the MFWM crew!

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