Tribe of Mentors Key Takeaways

I couldn't even wait to leave the  Book Loft  before digging in to this book!

I couldn't even wait to leave the Book Loft before digging in to this book!

Tim Ferriss (Author of NY Times Best Sellers The Four Hour Work Week, Tools of Titans, The Four Hour Body, and The Four Hour Chef) recently released his latest book Tribe of Mentors.

Tim is a fascinating human and honestly one of the most important people in my life (if not the most important) that I have never met and is not a family member, friend, or client.
The reason for that is the impact he has made on me through his writings, teachings, and podcast and ultimately the action I can take on my life from it all.

Kettlebell swings, a drastic reduction in my work hours, my first step towards the removal of processed food in my diet, international travel hacks, daily journaling, language learning post bachelors degree, the rewriting of my last book, the list could go on and on for takeaways I have received from his creations.

Tribe of Mentors was much of the same and I wanted to share a few top takeaways from this book without spoiling it for you! It's definitely two thumbs up and it's the quickest 650 page book you'll ever read.
The format is he asked a few hundred people that he would love to have as mentors a series of the same questions in an interview format.  He shares the responses and weaves in his own stories to make it a masterpiece you'll be hard pressed to put down!

Without further ado...

Favorite Quote: From Dita Von Teese "You can be a juicy ripe peach and there'll be someone who doesn't like peaches.

Best Surprises to be in the book: Mike D from the Beastie Boys or Ashton Kutcher. Both were outstanding!

Action Item I have immediately implemented: The concept that great lives are made up of great days which are comprised of great moments. Focus on having a few great moments every day and that will lead to a great day and keep doing that and you get yourself a great life. 

Things I am thinking about: Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden "Simplify Simplify Simplify" and I'm strategizing on how to streamline my and my clients processes in work and my own process in my personal life to just simplify everything. It makes all the sense in the world!

Biggest Warning/Reminder (I cut out 95% of sugar out years ago): “We may be approaching a time when sugar is responsible for more early deaths in America than cigarette smoking.  Choose a profession that is easy for you to do and that also allows you to be creative and enjoy life. My message on a billboard would be SUGAR IS TOXIC!” Dr. Lewis Cantley

Largest Motivator: Amelia Boone is a full-time attorney and the best female CrossFit athlete in the world. At the same. Let's go get after it!

Funniest Guy with a Serious Quote: Jimmy Fallon! “Every smart person and stable person I know both walks and meditates.”

How I want to live my life moving forward: “Macro patience, micro speed.” Gary Vaynerchuk

I could go on and on! I took over 10 pages of notes and I'm consuming more and more from the book each day.  
Have you read this or any of Tim's books? Comment below with what you think!
I'll be back next week answering each of Tim's questions for my own life.

Thanks for being here in the MFWM crew and for reading/sharing this blog with your community if you see fit, join me at the next Marketing Mastery Club!

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