The #PMRBook is now available!


With it being Small Business Saturday I am very excited as a small business owner to also announce that my newest book The Passionate Marketing Revolution is available in paperback HERE and on Kindle HERE

It took me about two years to write this and I’m truly ELATED to share this book with you.  

Who is this book for?

It’s for anyone who is fired up about doing business differently and pushing the envelope to employ a marketing strategy for their business or company they work for that focuses on People and Purpose instead of spreadsheets and a lack of caring.


Who is this book not for?

It’s not for people who are happy with the status quo in business or believe that they have everything figured about how to market to customers, connect with them, and build a culture with their co-workers that focuses on being open to change and new opportunities.

The #PMRBook is my vision of how we can do business moving forward and grow a group of raving fans instead of just “customers.”  It’s my attempt at bringing a personal touch and relationship focus to marketing.  Marketing is easy if you don’t care.
I want all of us to care and this book is my stab at providing a handbook and roadmap for how you can care.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, one person within a large company, or just someone not in the business world who is interested in learning and connecting with consumer behavior in a new way.

GET YOUR COPY HERE in Paperback or on Kindle HERE!

Thanks for being here and following along in the Passionate Marketing journey.  I can say to you that while this process took two years and there were many difficult steps to overcome creating something for the world is 100% worth it.

I encourage you to create, have fun, and make an impact every day that you can.

Special thanks to my friends/book team of Don the Idea Guy, Abi McCannon, Heather Holiday, and Anthony Iannarino for their work and support in this book.  And of course for my wife who stayed on me to continue to rewrite and edit it.

Grab a copy here and enjoy Small Business Saturday!

If you have any questions about the book just email me at and put your comments below.  

I’ll be back soon with more blogs on digital marketing and how to create lasting visions of People and Purpose in your marketing.

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