I'm George's Favorite

A Columbus Ohio staple closed its doors last Saturday night. 
Easy Street Cafe, after 25 years, finished up with a wild run after its announcement and intent to close.

It seemed the whole town went for one last night of good tunes, tasty Greek eats, and dinner table laughter.

We waited over an hour for our table on the second to last night and had a great send off!

The owner George has another restaurant nearby and decided at his age one was enough.

As the news spread throughout the city I had five or six friends reach out and tell me how they had to get their one last time because “They were George’s favorite customer.”

Seriously…a half dozen of my friends all thought the same thing!

And do you know what happened last Friday night when I was eating there?  

George was working the room, as he did every night for 25 years, and every single person acted and felt like “They were George’s favorite customer.”

When you ate at Easy Street you felt like you were George’s favorite.  No matter what time of day, who you were, what you ordered, and whether it was your first time at Easy Street or your five hundredth.

George made you feel like you were his favorite.  My apologies to my friends Kathy, Britt, and Matt.  You were George’s favorite as you always reminded me, but so was everyone else.

The point is…do your customers feel like that?  Does everyone feel like they are your favorite because of the way you treat and value your partnership with them?

If so…keep on with it!

If no…what are you waiting for?  The opportunity is now to treat every one of your customers like George treated his at Easy Street for 25 years.

See ya at Red Brick George…it’s been real…thanks for the memories!

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