The Revolution at Work

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The Passionate Marketing Revolution is all about creating strategies and tactics for your business or the company you work for that puts the focus on People and Purpose.

If you haven’t read my newest book and want to understand how to do this you can grab a copy HERE.

People and Purpose are vital to how a business runs and many times they are put on the back burner on the list of importance.  However I strongly urge you to put them at the top of the list when it comes to focusing on what you need to do on a day to day.

The companies that utilize people and purpose have more fun, win more opportunities, and grow faster while feeling gratitude sweep over them.

I wanted to share with you an example of the Revolution at Work.  I share on my social media channels often small snippets of ways in which it’s happening from other companies but today I am going to share something from Hashtag 59 (the outdoor adventure company I created with my friend Amy.)

A quick sidebar is I actually tested the concept of Hashtag 59 on this blog last year and received critical and wonderful feedback.  I also received a note from Amy inquiring about partnering or being a part of Hashtag 59 with me.

Less than one year later we have had several events, a growing community of writers, fans, and supporters, and our first paid sponsor!

We are doing a 3 part series of Kayaking and River Cleanups this summer with HERO USA.  They are another great Columbus based outdoor adventure organization and this series is being sponsored by Pacifico! (THANK YOU Pacifico.)

The concept is simple:

  1. Kayak and paddle down the Scioto River on a nice day.
  2. Clean up trash and practice stewardship along the way.
  3. Have a happy hour afterwards bringing together our communities of like minded outdoor adventurers.

The events have several ancillary sponsors and we will have great prizes to give away to everyone as well for participating. 

How is the Passionate Marketing Revolution at work?

We created these events for our communities (our people.)  The specific purpose is to get outside, enjoy nature, and help clean up our rivers (our purpose.) We have a sponsor who is helping us not lose money on the concept and able to support the promotion of it (our profit.)

People, Purpose, and Profit.  Those are the 3 New P’s that I introduce in the Passionate Marketing Revolution.  They are alive in this program put on by Hashtag 59 and HERO USA and they should be alive in everything you are creating or suggesting your company creates.

The question is: Are you doing it?

If not and you need some help let me know.  Comment below with where you are at or email

And if you live in Central Ohio and want to join us on Saturday May 19th we’d love to have you! You can RSVP HERE.

A $20.00 donation to HERO USA’s non profit fund will get you a kayak/life jacket to paddle, a T-shirt from SURF OHIO, a hydration can of FormulaO2, and a chance to win a longboard from Pacifico at the Happy Hour afterwards. Get your tickets HERE and get updates HERE.

It will be a fun afternoon putting the Passionate Marketing Revolution to work.

Thanks for reading the blog and being a part of the MFWM community, I’m grateful for your presence and energy!

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