Buck Fifty Team Captain THINKTANK Phase Four

Yes we finished!  In just under 24 hours and 15 minutes.  150 miles and there was all the blood, sweat, mud, laughs, and maybe a few tears to go around!

I’m sharing my thoughts and learnings from being a team captain in a 24 hour road race to better help myself and you understand what it takes to build ideas into passion projects and decide which ones might make sense to be turned into side hustles and eventually businesses!

All through the power of digital marketing and connecting with people.

Today’s post is the second to last one in the Buck Fifty series, it’s about the race itself!  The final one next week will be about what happens next!

What did the race entail?

  1. Madness for starters :).  Actually it went pretty well.  We had no injuries, nobody got seriously lost, and our team was there to pick up our runner at the end of all 30 legs! (This didn’t happen for every single team.
  2. Toughness and grit.  I felt as though I was hallucinating on my 1am run.  Though I hadn’t had anything illegal that day or even a drink, it was a combination of dehydration, caffeination, EDM music on my speaker phone, and exhaustion.  I was able to log 8 minute miles but it challenged me mentally more than I ever thought possible!
  3. Incredibly amazing details and planning.  The routes were pretty well marked, especially considering it was 150 miles through neighborhoods, state parks, and the middle of nowhere.  The welcome video the Buck Fifty put together was important and the volunteers at every stop were vital to the success of a great race.
  4. Speaking of the volunteers!  Holy smokes.  They were AMAZING.  The Buck Fifty was able to get the whole community enrolled in making this an event no one would soon forget.  From local churches to the Kiwanis Club to the fire department the volunteers made the race just an incredibly inspiring event to be a part of.  

Obviously there was so much more on race day but those were just a few highlights!

How did digital marketing play a role?

  1. Friends and family were able to stay up to date with our social media posts, unique hashtag for our team (#BornToBuckFifty), and the updates from the Buck Fifty.  Social media and digital marketing keeps people in the loop and not scared that their loved ones were lost in the woods.  (Even though it might have been the reality for small bits of time!)
  2. The community experience was able to unfold right before everyone’s eyes as it went along.  A lot of people in the community were talking about and sharing their experience as well.  It allowed anyone to feel as though they were a part of this incredible day even if they weren’t there!
  3. Volunteers.  I’m amazed at how Dave and the Buck Fifty got so many well equipped and awesome volunteers.  Utilizing digital platforms in addition to their networks and face to face had to play a role.

The race was one of the most unbelievable experiences I have ever had.  The community, the mental and physical challenges, the beauty, the togetherness/the toughness, the lack of sleep, etc.

My first and third runs were two of the greatest runs I have ever gone on and my second run was one of the craziest and toughest I have ever gone on.

Experiences like this lead to building more character I believe in life.  It makes you grateful for the precious world we get to live in and motivated to make a bigger impact in the world.

The Buck Fifty raised closed to $80k for youth drug support programs in Southern Ohio, all from a 24 hour event.

This event was just a 24 hour event.  It was an idea, that turned into a passion project, and then into a whole ongoing unique experience for months on end.

2018’s edition is already being planned and this whole event and my role as team captain would have not been possible if not for people being open to ideas, chasing down their passions, and the impact that digital marketing has made for the good in this world.

I’ll have one more recap and what’s next for both myself and the Buck Fifty soon, but for now let the Passionate Marketing run through all of your ideas and in your business or career.

Put people and purpose above all else and you will WIN!

Reach out at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com if you need support on your own THINKTANK projects and sign up for Bi Monthly Videos HERE.  Or comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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