Yoga Desti-Cations


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Full admittance here yogis!  I am obsessed with travel. It started with going on long summer road trips as a child from Cincinnati to anywhere with a National Park and a two-day drive out West.  Since then my love of the hobby has grown into international travel, and if NASA called I would be ready to put my spacesuit on.

Why do I like to travel so much? I have always felt that Mark Twain’s quote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice and bigotry,” is 100% true. The more you immerse yourself in different experiences and cultures, the more opportunities you have learn to about the world and grow who you are as an individual, which will hopefully reverberate out to the world in a positive way. I feel alive when I travel and there actually might be some scientific truth to the fact that I feel my senses are heightened when I am on the road.

It’s been said that when we get into a routine, we begin to notice what we already know and our senses begin to take it easy, if you will.

When we travel it gives us the chance to experience something different, outside of our normal routine. Travel is good for the brain according to the Global Coalition of Aging; our brains begin to function differently and our feelings and senses are heightened.  Anyone who has landed in a foreign country for the first time and is navigating an area where they have never been, while conversing in a foreign language, probably knows that feeling I am referring to.

This is why I am obsessed with travel.  Today I want to share four places I traveled to recently that have top notch yoga scenes.

Without further ado if you are looking for a Yoga Desti-Cation in 2019 or 2020 here are a few to get your brain speculating about the opportunities!

1.  The Cotswolds, England
Specifically a yoga festival in England.  I have had the privilege to go with Yoga Warrior Wear to Soul Circus two of the last three years, and I want to tell you that this is an experience that will have you on sensory overload!

Located on a rural farm in the Cotswolds region (2-3 hour drive from London), this three-day yoga festival offers dozens of teacher and class options drawn primarily from England, but expanding to around the world inspirations. Throw in the opportunity to tent camp (or glamp!), eat amazing food, connect with yogis from all over the world, and even take in a relaxing massage or sauna bath, and this might be just the trip your yoga-loving self would enjoy this August.

2.  Santa Monica, California
I have always said that if I could live and work and basically do everything I desired in an eight block radius in the United States, I would pick Santa Monica. (Sorry LA, I take Columbus, Ohio, over you because of your 24/7 traffic jams, no matter the time of day.) Santa Monica offers me the peace of mind, weather, beaches, mountains, coffee, and of course a HUGE variety of yoga practices and studios that I would love to have within a short walk or bike.

No matter what you fancy for yoga, Santa Monica has it. Many places offer beach yoga class options, and did I mention how many good espresso and tea shops there are in this neighborhood?  If you are looking for a city escape from gloomy Ohio in the winter (or really any season) Santa Monica will have you sun filled, but not yoga deprived.

3. Japan
I recently went to this country, and it is more than the birthplace of Reiki. I was shocked at how many different yoga studio options I had. I did a hot Bikram class led in 100% Japanese that was one of the more amazing yoga travel experiences I have ever had.  When we were in the cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.) I found that I had a yoga studio option in just about any neighborhood. Only one issue arose: due to a 14-hour time difference, I was often awake so early (2 or 3 am) that I did a self-practice in my room because even the sunrise classes were several hours away from starting!

4. Boulder Colorado
Ready to head to a city with mountains? If you like the outdoors, coffee, juice bars, craft breweries, and a “yoga-esque” energy permeating throughout a city, then look no further than Boulder. We often stay downtown when visiting, and I have dozens of studio options that have me basically flipping a coin.  From hot flows to outdoor pranayama to yin to beginner and advanced classes, Boulder has it all. Throw in the fact that I can climb a mountain in the morning and do a restorative class in the afternoon without driving more than five miles in a car, and I have a spot I’ll visit the rest of my life.

There are yoga destination options all over the world. Or there are just destinations all over the world where you might find some great yoga. If you like to travel as much as I do then I hope you find yourself on the road this year, and that you are able to experience yoga classes while doing so.

If you have any further questions on any of these destinations leave a comment  And yes I was able to create a yoga destination list without mentioning Bali or Costa Rica :)!

Namaste y’all.