You only know what you choose to know

I feel as though I have emerged myself deeply into crafting and working towards the life that I want. It seems I have been on this journey for several years and a combination of personal and professional development skill development has supported me along the way.

I go to seminars, I request feedback daily, I listen to people instead of talking at them about my agenda, and I work on myself before doing anything else each day. I believe if I don’t start with myself I can’t serve the rest of the world as good as I can.
Not quite to the point of psycho analysis but I am consistently looking at my systems, habits, and processes and breaking them down and reinventing them.

Yet this past week was just another reminder of the fact that I only know what I choose to know and the exact reason why I am always searching for more improvements!

Revelation Numero Uno: Urban Composting.
I was convinced I couldn’t compost because I live downtown and have literally no yard space. I found Innovative Organics Composting and on the flip of a switch my wife and I began composting with a partner who could take our freezer compost (if we left it outside every day we would attract LOTS of animals where we live) and picks it up every week and composts it for us.
It feels good to cut my trash down to literally one bag every other week and to skip weeks taking out the garbage. Recycling and composting combined have blown my mind and have me on the path to Zero Waste.
Yet if I hadn’t listened to the opportunity Innovative Organics presented and kept my mindset on the stance that I couldn’t urban compost I would still be stuck wasting these valuable food scraps every week.

Revelation Numero Dos: I was doing downward facing dog WRONG!
My amazing friend and preeminent Central Ohio yoga teacher Anne Weidinger did a private class with me a few weeks back. I highly recommend you considering a private class to up your yoga game.
Turns out I was doing the most popular move in yoga (downward facing dog) very inefficiently! She did three quick switches on that and on my headstand and I can now do a tripod headstand without wall support and I am working my way towards a much healthier for my shoulders/back and lengthier version of my down dog.
I have been doing yoga six times a week for four years and twice per week for five years prior to that folks! To think that I hadn’t been doing two moves right after all this time and in one hour of working on it I flipped the switch is almost unbelievable to me.

What else am I missing out on? What other changes or feedback could I be receiving?
I don’t know but I am open, fully engaged to getting it, and excited to see what’s next.

The moral of the story is from a business standpoint is what are you closing your eyes to? What are you unwilling to look at and analyze that isn’t working for you?
Are you open to receiving open and engaging feedback to improve your business?

I GUARANTEE you can be doing something better.
You will only figure out what that is though is if you are open hearted in your approach to receiving it. You won’t regret the results!

What’s holding your business back?
Post in the comments or email and let’s chat.

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