How you spend your "marketing" time

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The output that occurs is based on the input we commit to in how we spend our marketing time.

Everyone has to market their business or company in some shape or form. However for a marketing director of a big company they are often bogged down with inefficiencies like large corporate meetings, having to do something to make a manager happy, and so forth.

The solopreneur some might think has it easier but it’s not true. They might not have to answer to anybody but they also have to be the sales team, accountant, web developer, and every other hat that they can wear so they don’t outsource their slim earnings.

I have seen both sides recently where people are limited to small amounts of time each day that is dedicated to true marketing tactics and strategy.
And as a result of that often times wheels are spinning doing things that might not be as important.

I have created a list of how I believe (in order of importance) someone should spend their time on marketing and in what order.

  1. Ensuring your vision and funnel from point A to point Z hits home at every point who you are and what you stand for. If not you will be in a constant frenzy of trying to “market to everybody.” Nail down the vision and change it if you have to. Go dark on social media if it needs to happen; this piece is that important!

  2. Email Marketing. It’s still the queen. Great email marketing can offset having extra social media channels.

  3. Content Marketing. What’s your HERO piece of content you are creating on an ongoing basis? Blog, podcast, vlog, etc.

  4. Social Media Marketing: Pick your 1-3 social media channels and do them well.

  5. Grassroots Marketing: How are you connecting with your community on a shoestring budget? Events, collaborations, contests, flyers, etc.

I see people spending way too much time on numbers 3 and 4 and doing so many platforms on channel number four that they spin their wheels on doing any of them as well as they hope.
I also see people churning out a lot of great content but not having the proper outlets to promote it as widespread as they could.

Personally I should get better at number four. My Instagram game is more personal and not that much to do with business. Facebook I should share more amazing work others are doing, especially my clients.

What do you see working and not working in how you spend your marketing time?

In conclusion I would aim to have time set aside for all five of these every single week. I would also place the importance level of each in the order I wrote on here.
At a minimum to do any properly you should have two to three hours per week dedicated to each. If you can’t it’s probably better off scaling back.

I’d love to hear thoughts and comments from someone living in this space and how they draft out their time and order of tactical marketing pieces in importance.

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