Collaborations at Work


What’s the point of a collaboration in business?

The older I get the more I feel “how little ye knew” as a young child. It’s not something to look back at in regret or disdain either.
However with what I have learned from many amazing folks over the years is the reality that when you combine resources and find like minded people to tackle projects more impact can be made!

When any newbie politician runs for office the first time (unless switching careers like Arnold) they are on a grassroots budget and are literally relying on the help and energy of hundreds of others to help do the work that they could alone not be able to do.

At a recent marketing mastery club I spoke about and we discussed in groups the importance and power of community collaborations. From the Promise Garden in the picture above that brought volunteers together with a community garden to the kayaking river clean-ups I am helping spearhead this year to the conscious capitalism events I attend by my client the BBB it all goes back to the same things.

We are better together than we are apart. When we pool all of our talents and go at it as a team (a team that is not typically a team this is what makes collaboration different than just say employees working together on a project) we can create more, stretch our resources further, and have a larger and more strategic approach to how we market what it is we are creating.

The Passionate Marketing Revolution is about approaching the way in which you implement and view the vital importance of both People and Purpose in your marketing strategy.
Collaborations almost force you to test out and rely on these.

Collaborations might seem cumbersome or a bit unnecessary at first.

After all why split the pie with others when you can do all the work for yourself and make a bit more while you are at it?
Well that’s the question you need to ask yourself. I can’t make you want to have a different mindset but I can certainly encourage you based on what I have seen this year.
I used to think there was no sense to split the pie. No I would think I’d be crazy if I didn’t.

Collaborations work, find like minded partners that you trust and go after your creations together.

If you want to learn more about it email and I’ll send you a deck from the recent Mastery Club on it.

What’s your take on collaborations? Put your comments below.
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