Find the helpers


The wonderful Fred Rogers said the words “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”

It’s especially important and true when it comes to things like family support, volunteerism, and activism.

However I find it very true for your business and how you market it as well.

You have brand standards, desired levels of how you appear to the world, and you want to work with people “who are the helpers.”

When you find strategic partners who are helpers (as you should be as well) your business will grow and you’ll find more enjoyment from working with people every single day.

On the flip side there are times when you will start a potential partnership with people or other companies and you’ll find they have a secondary reason for doing what they do with you.

I had two recent experiences that showed me the true sides of why people were working to partner with me.

One had very true intentions and went over the top to not only help and support what we are creating but afterwards offered to partner on the promotion of a cause that is near and dear to my heart without even being asked to do so.

In every instance I have worked with this partner they have shown that they are “the helpers” in the community no matter how much money you spend with them.  They have no vested interest other than to help the community.

Since it’s a good example I’ll just name them and give them a shout out.  They are CD102.5, a local independent radio station in Columbus Ohio.

I also had an instance where I was looking to support a different partner of mine with a program that would help their team.  They basically told me in so many words that they were uninterested in helping their employees and they would be happy to accept money from me but when it came to partnering on something for the community and their team they had no desire to do so. 

This company is not the helpers. Lessons learned and no hard feelings but it does show what you can and can not expect of a partner like that.
Onward and upward is what I think.  I have been very fortunate in my career to find both individuals, organizations, clients, and businesses that have a like minded thought process to “be the helpers.”  

We all have the ability to be the helpers.  Just like Mr Rogers was.

We also have the ability to shun being helpers and to focus only on money and selfish acts.

Let’s choose wisely.  When we help the world and give selflessly every single day without money or profit as the reason why we do what we do I believe eventually you’ll find those things.

Be the helper.  Find more helpers and partner with them all you can.

What do you think?  Have you found it’s more fun and beneficial in your business to align with people who think to help first and drive revenue second?

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