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Make your photos clear, concise, and looking nice! A good Insta Marketing tip in my opinion!

Make your photos clear, concise, and looking nice! A good Insta Marketing tip in my opinion!

Instagram is not the wave of the future.  It is here and now and it’s a large opportunity as both a paid advertising platform and as a free organic growth mechanism.

It’s a chance to connect with companies and brands, customers and influencers, and have a great time doing it!

Instagram to me is the anti-Facebook though it is owned by them.  Instead of rants and jabs you get iconic images with meaningful words.

This isn’t the case in all handles I understand but I have found it to be a much more happy and kind place. 

What can you do on Instagram to implement the Passionate Marketing Revolution?

  1. Use hashtags on every post if you want to grow your audience and let knew people possibly find you.  You can use 30 hashtags and they should be well researched and pertinent to your post.  Post the hashtags as a separate comment or with some space between your actual copy of what you are writing on the post.
  2. Form a group.  My friend Scotty B is doing this for Ohio photographers and I am in a group with my friend Eric for hyper local passionate marketers.  You then connect with people inside of Instagram and like, share, and comment on their posts with authenticity and love.  It’s your online tribe if you choose to make it so!
  3. Connect more than you post.  This is an overlooked one.  Let’s say you can spend one hour per day on Instagram.  You should spend 10 minutes posting and 50 minutes commenting, connecting, DM’ing people and hopefully growing your collaborations and community.  If you want more info on this I recommend Gary V’s $1.82 strategy that you can learn more about HERE.
  4. Stories.  Stories are the rage but making sure you do them right also matters.  Check in to the location of the story and tag those that you are mentioning.  It enables you to be placed in those locations stories and perhaps have new eyeballs on what you are doing.

Instagram is a large opportunity however cookie cutter content and average images, stories, copy, and engagement won’t cut it.  You get to be iconic in the effort you put in to all pieces of your Instagram strategy.  Utilize these four items to help you along the way!

If you are interested in support on the above items I am here to work with you as a strategist or you can attend my monthly marketing club/join my marketing mastery FB group to continue to push to learn and grow in your marketing strategies.

Thanks for being a part of the crew and reading this blog.  I’m grateful that you are here and I’m always happy to connect, email me or check out my social media channels.  THANK YOU. 

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the #PMRBook you can do so HERE. 

Do you do Instagram marketing? What else would you include that has worked for you?

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