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Last week we had another edition of the Marketing Mastery Club.  Mark your calendar for Wednesday June 6th to join us at the next one on organic Instagram marketing, details HERE!

As a result of the feedback and interactions I wanted to answer a few questions from the meeting and afterwards in hopes of supporting you with your Facebook Ads.

1. Can you run cost per click ads instead of just impression based ads on Facebook?
Yes you can! And you should at times. However with you are creating your ads you will have that choice only if you click the right "goal". Depending on the goal as well you will have a minimum amount of dollars required per day to run a cost per click campaign. For instance if you want to run a "LIKE" campaign for your FB page and get charged per like it is $5.00 per day to do that.

2. Is a boosted post the same as an ad?
No it's not!  A boosted post is an organic post you put on your page and then you pay money to reach more people with that.  Kinda sounds like an ad right?!  Well the difference is some of your opportunities with your goals and conversions.  The Facebook Ads Manager gives you many more options than you will receive in just the "boosted post" options.  
I did tell an attendee boosting posts and A/B testing their performance in small micro spends if you don't have a large ad budget is a great way to understand what your audience likes and is responding to.  It might give you an idea on what type of ad to run out of ads manager for the future!

3. What are three things I should do myself to improve my Facebook Ads?
These are from my partner Mike K!
a. Get your Creative Assets together.  Make sure you have tons of amazing images, videos, copy, and pages to send people that are beautiful and engaging.
b. Set up your pixels and conversions.  You can install a FB Pixel on your website and you should do that immediately!
c. Set up your custom audiences.  Create a lookalike audience once you have enough data from that FB Pixel to reach more people like those coming to your website.

What other questions do you have? We have an enormous opportunity with FB and Instagram Ads to implement the Passionate Marketing Revolution!
The window will close though so get going.  Thanks for being a part of the crew, do you need help with your FB ads?
We can support in speaking/events for your team or get a copy of my book and if you like what you read then let's chat more! Email Mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com. 

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