Maybe it will work


Have you ever run into a marketing idea and you weren't sure if you should do it or not?
It's easy to dismiss ideas and concepts because the To Do List is too long already.

I'm the volunteer co-chair for the 2018 Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer's.  This year we had a statewide leadership event and I was told by a gentlemen at the Cincinnati chapter about their success with doing a "coffee sleeve" campaign with local coffee shops to promote the walk each year.

It was going to take time to create one-sheets and the concept for Columbus, I would have to lead the marketing committee by tracking and assigning 50 coffee shops for them to ask (including ones I would also ask), we would need a planning meeting about it and would have to 50 coffee shops if they were interested in participating, their would be work involved with the logistics with the coffee shop owners, getting them all stickered/returned to the shops, etc.

It would have been easy to say "Pass!"  But you have to instead think about "Maybe it will work..."
The picture at the top is the marketing team stickering the coffee sleeves.  We wound up getting to order 15,000 coffee stickers because so many shops wanted to participate in the promotion this June!

15,000 stickers.  Almost two dozen partners.  Maybe it won't work...


Maybe it will work.

Are you willing to risk missing out on what will work because you aren't curious or willing to hustle a bit extra to find out if it will or not?

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