What you have to do


At Marketing Fun With Mike and with my partners at Hutchison Media we really focus on two core items:

  1. Driving leads and revenue through digital advertising mechanisms specifically on social media and email
  2. Overarching strategy and execution of your other paid advertising platforms you choose.

Then there is Hashtag 59, my side hustle start-up I am building with my friend Amy.

We have to do all of these items if we want any chance to grow a community and continue to build revenue and future revenue opportunities:

  1. Organic social media marketing.  (3 Platforms to be exact at the moment.)  And if you want to learn more about Instagram you can join me HERE!
  2. Email marketing.
  3. Paid digital marketing.
  4. Event creation, promotion, and execution.
  5. Content generation and editing.
  6. Grassroots promotions and collaborations with other businesses.
  7. PR firm
  8. Social media management (responding to comments, emailing readers who send us notes, etc.)
  9. Creating revenue funnels and testing them out.
  10. Sales team.  We are responsible for securing sponsors as well.
  11. Podcast recording and editing.
  12. Blog writing and copy writing for social media posts.
  13. Hashtag research, call it market research!
  14. Shipping and fulfillment of items.
  15. Video writing, shooting, and publishing.
  16. Eventually reviewing P&L statements, accounting sheets, and creating operations processes.

We have to do all of these items every single day and I’m sure I am missing about 10 more items.

The point is that’s just a small snippet of what a small business owner has to do.  It’s a TON.

It’s also fun and it’s also what you really have to do.

If you think you can be an overnight success you are likely incorrect.

If you think you can get away with average social media or customer experiences while growing your business you are likely incorrect.

If you think you can just work 9-5 you are likely incorrect.

I’m not even of the mindset that you have to work “20 hours a day and not sleep to grind to the top” like some entrepreneurs believe.  But it certainly isn’t all about sitting at your computer all day long and refreshing your email.

You really have to do a lot of different items and were several hats.  And care seriously about each one of them.

Sometimes you might have to work early, late, or on the weekends.  You also might have the freedom to do something you love and take afternoons off or two hour workouts during the day.

It really depends on what you want.  But trust me if you are interested in going out on on your own no matter the industry those 15 line items are just the start.  If you like the cushion and the relaxation there is nothing to be apologetic about by working for a corporation.  However if you want to be your own boss and take the comfy cushion you might be in for rude awakening.

If you are interested in support on the two items I do for MFWM we are here to help you. You can rest assured we’ll do them well because we spend a lot of time as well on the other 15 items every single day.

Embrace the hustle and search for opportunities instead of problems!

Thanks for being a part of the crew and reading this blog.  I’m grateful that you are here and I’m always happy to connect, email me mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com or check out my social media channels.  THANK YOU. 

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the #PMRBook you can do so HERE. 

Do you have your own business?  What else am I missing on that list?

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