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I was actually thinking I might skip writing a blog this week.  I was driving back home from Cincinnati after Mother's Day and thought I didn't have the bandwidth nor a topic I really wanted to share about.  

Not sure how others choose to blog but yes this is my curation of topics.  An idea or inspiration pops into my head and off we go.
Then it happened on the side of the highway.  Actually what I first saw was the hate driven billboard that simply says "Holy Matrimony is One Man and One Woman" and has two gold wedding rings on it.  I have seen it many times and it follows with a frown or a head shake from me.
It is of course meant to imply that the LGBTQ movement and same sex marriage should not be allowed or recognized.

As you can probably tell from the above picture of the sign in my yard and my overall personality I'm not aligned with that thought process.  
However here's my point of this blog post beyond that I believe All are welcome and all are equal in this world.

Own your marketing my friend! 
That billboard does not state nor give any inclination as to who thinks that.  It could be a wealthy right-winged individual, a religious institution, or a business.
But we don't know who put it up there.  And to me if you want to put something that controversial and hateful on a billboard you should OWN IT that it's yours.  Instead of cowardly choosing to market hate and inequality and hiding behind the billboard you created.
(Personally I think if I owned the billboard company I would politely decline the business but that's for a different blog.)

When we own our marketing we show an authentic transparency of what we stand for, what we are willing to do for our people (the customers), and what type of vision we are attempting to curate in the world.
That's a very large piece of why people buy from a business, especially a non transactional purchase.

We want to know the story behind the business, what they believe in, and what they are doing for the world.  
There are THOUSANDS of organizations doing this.  It even has a name when you put the good you stand for into a strategy.  It's Conscious Capitalism and it's a good virus that is spreading the business world much like I hope The Passionate Marketing Revolution spreads.

One might say "well that's somebody's opinion and they are entitled to it."  I agree with that.  I also think you should be willing to own up to the marketing message you are attempting to spread around the universe.
If you aren't then you are just the Wizard hanging out in Oz not really owning up to who you really are and what you are really doing.

Edgy topic? Yes indeed it is.  I hope you enjoyed it and can apply it in a positive manner to your strategy and work.  Well thought out comments driven by kindness are most welcome below!

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