The Power of the People

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There’s a little bit of controversy going on in the peaceful yogi world :).  I was meeting with my friend and client Yoga Warrior Wear last week and he brought up the inquiry to me if I had heard about the stories surrounding Alo Brands and some of their ambassadors.  Including famous yoga Kino MacGregor. You can read more about all the players in this story HERE.

I’m not here actually to comment about the situation as I don’t know the whole story.  The above screenshot is a nice read as well from @FullyBakedYoga on ambassadors that you can peruse HERE.

The long and the short of it though is that what struck me is the fact that the company or “brand” if you would like to refer to it as that (Alo in this case) has no more power in pleading their case than the ambassadors or “people” if you would like to refer to them (Kino and others in this case.) Yes in the courtroom they'll have more lawyers and firepower, but from immediate public perception...they really don't.

I’ve been talking for months about how the Passionate Marketing Revolution is in the hands of the people.  Companies get to focus on people as their most important asset, both internally on their team and externally to their customers and prospects.

One of the reasons I believe this is so important in marketing is the fact that the playing field has been leveled.  The companies/brands are now no longer more powerful than the people.  Sure maybe in court or with money, but that’s not never been a key tactic of great marketing.

The people have just as much of a voice out there in the universe.  This is a good thing for those willing to embark on the Passionate Marketing Revolution journey.  When all intentions come from a place of love and positive energy there isn’t anything to worry about honestly.  It gets dicey and into a cumbersome area when other intentions overtake these.

Is Alo right? Is Kino right? Are the ambassadors being mistreated? Do we probably not know the whole story? I would say there is a bit of yes, no, and maybe to every single one of these questions.  I would only know if I was in the room for the whole journey.

What I do know is the fact that I am writing about this and it’s causing such a stir is that people have a voice.  Something like this would have gotten buried by a company years ago.

Now we get to hear both sides and try to form our own conclusions and opinions.  

No matter what side you eventually line up with or what happens knowledge is power and we are living in the Passionate Marketing Revolution.

Namaste ya’ll!

Are you up to date on the power of influence marketing for a business strategy? If so, congrats and keep it up and share your thoughts on it in the comments!  If you aren’t familiar with it or aren’t sure on how to do it I suggest once again grabbing a copy of my latest book HERE and if you live in Central Ohio joining us at the next Marketing Mastery Club!

We cover all aspects of marketing, and influence marketing is rampant throughout my book and will be a future topic at the club.

I’m also available and eager to work with companies and teams in the form of a speaking event and/or an interactive workshop to help bring the Passionate Marketing Revolution to the forefront of their business strategy or event.  You can visit my Speaking Page for more information or email me to inquire about hiring me for an engagement.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading this blog and being a part of the crew here at MFWM!

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