Doubling Down: Mastering Facebook with us at a FREE event!

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We work better together and we can become smarter and gain new ideas by coming together as people.
This is something I firmly believe in.  For all aspects of life; it’s also why I formed the Marketing Mastery Club!

I felt with the onslaught of contractors, solopreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, etc there needed to be a way we can all connect with each other and learn from each other without just paying a consultant $200.00/hour for strategic advice and direction.

I have paid people that much and gotten more out of it and I have also charged that much and given people results.

However not all people, and certainly not at all times, are in a position to pay for services and support at that price level.

Where does that leave us?  Learning everything on our own and trying to bootstrap everything by ourselves.  It’s not easy to do accounting, marketing, sales, operations, shipping, and handle the advertising of your business.

This is why I created the Marketing Mastery Club.  To bring together the community of people from all walks of life and stages in their business/career journey to learn from and support one another!

Next Wednesday May 2nd is our 3rd live edition of the club and I’m cordially inviting you HERE to join me at this free event if you live in Central Ohio!

We are going to be covering the topic of Facebook Ads and I have a special guest, my business partner from Miami Florida, Michael Karavalos joining us in person for an exclusive presentation on how we have utilized FB ads to grow dozens of clients businesses and our own as well.

Mike K is a Facebook whiz and you won’t want to miss this event.  RSVP HERE so you can get all of the details about parking, time of arrival, etc.

We’ll have networking to start with an ice breaker activity, then a presentation from Mike and myself, small group breakout sessions that we’ll join, and finally homework assignments and book giveaways.  (If you can’t wait to get my new book or you’d enjoy paying for it you can do so HERE!)

Facebook and Instagram Ads are the single most efficient advertising and marketing tool in the world right now.  And the party isn’t going to last forever.  Take advantage of it today; we’ll show you how at the event but do so on your own if you can’t be there with us!

Hey Mike…I don’t live in Central Ohio or I do but can’t make it to your event…how else can I learn this?

Good news there are a few ways!

  1. Request to join my FB Closed Group HERE and we’ll be sharing tips and ideas to improve your marketing skills. Plus examples of the homework and how it's working for people in real life.
  2. Email me and I’ll be sending out videos and slide decks to those that request them.

You won’t want to miss this event.  Thanks for being a part of my community and make sure you are doubling down as Gary V said on FB and Instagram Ads!

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