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Photo cred to Hot on Yoga and American Red Cross. (Links below.) Design cred it @ItsMeJillG

Photo cred to Hot on Yoga and American Red Cross. (Links below.) Design cred it @ItsMeJillG

Yesterday I hosted another edition of the Marketing Mastery Club.  This is a peer to peer club I created that is designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, or people in the marketing field for a company to be able to come together and get better at different aspects of marketing.

Specifically I want to and hope people will be able to master and implement the tactics and strategies I write about in my latest book the Passionate Marketing Revolution.  If you haven’t gotten your copy yet you can do so HERE.

One of the core tactics in the book is how to implement the idea of utilizing “people” to be at the forefront of your marketing strategy.  People are the most important asset you have both internally on your team (even if it’s just yourself) and when you are marketing what you represent.
The time spent focusing on connecting, listening, and understanding people (your customers) is vital to your success.

We brainstormed in small groups in the mastery club on how to improve our email marketing strategies.  I was reminded this week with three emails from companies that are doing a great job of focusing on “people” that I shared as examples to get our minds brainstorming about our strategies.

When you ask yourself how might I be able to further reinforce “people” in my email marketing I hope this can be a guide for you.

  1. Hot on Yoga is a yoga studio I visited for a week when working in Colorado Springs two years ago.  They sent me a beautiful hand crafted email offering me a Happy Birthday (my birthday is this week) and a free class to go with it.  Simple, direct, and to the point yet also very authentic and kind.  They put the focus on me and had a great connection point (my birthday.)  If I lived in or was near Colorado Springs I will always return to this yoga studio. 
  2. American Red Cross does a great job with focusing on people in their email marketing.  I donate blood every few months when I am eligible (it’s every 57 days I believe) and after I do so I receive an email telling me where my blood went to and a description of the service it supported.  My recent donation went up to Michigan where a woman was in a car wreck and needed numerous pints of blood.  One of those pints was mine and it helped her stay alive and she is now on the mend.  They then thanked me.  How powerful is that?  What an amazing focus on people within that email right?
  3. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that sells non perishable non GMO/organic foods at wholesale costs.  My wife and I place an order with them every few weeks and they have a larger mission at getting healthy food in the hands of the low income individuals and those on food stamps.  Their emails to me are simple.  As a loss leader/incentive to place an order they highlight a different new product they have and tell the story of that company which is often the story of the people who created it.  They will then give some type of sample/free piece while supplies last that day if you order over $50.00 worth of additional food.  It speaks to me and they really find a way to connect with me in their email marketing.

All three of these are companies focusing on connecting with people and telling stories of people in their email marketing.  Email marketing is not just a “spam attack” or a “blast” you should send without considering what you are going to say.

It should be well thought out, authentic, and curate an opportunity to both enjoy it and take action. (Action might not always be a purchase but a call to action is still required.)

When we do this we are implementing the important strategy of People inside your marketing strategy.  As marketing evolves and the Passionate Marketing Revolution continues to grow this will be more and more important.

How is your email marketing strategy? Does it focus on People? Are you telling stories like Hot on Yoga, American Red Cross, or Thrive Market?

If you are, congrats and keep it up and share your story with me!  If you aren’t doing this in your email marketing or aren’t sure on how to do it I suggest once again grabbing a copy of my latest book HERE.

I’m also available and eager to work with companies and teams in the form of a speaking event and/or an interactive workshop to help bring the Passionate Marketing Revolution to the forefront of their business strategy or event.  You can visit my Speaking Page for more information or email me to inquire about hiring me for an engagement.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading this blog and being a part of the crew here at MFWM!

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