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Marketing is a bit all over the place.  It’s random and changes all of the time.

Businesses do some pieces really well and some unfortunately average.  Of course everyone wants to do their best.  But sometimes we don’t always have all the pieces.

If you really want to open up your marketing fun I would recommend focusing on these core strategies and dedicating time to them every single week:

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategy. What is it, where are you found online, and what are you creating?
  2. Event and Networking Strategy. What are you doing in the community? Face to face kind of stuff!
  3. User Experience Strategy.  How is your beginning to end customer experience?
  4. Content Marketing Strategy. What value are you creating and delivering beyond your product or service?
  5. Grassroots Strategy.  The good ole free stuff, that still takes tons of time and hustle!

It’s a lot of work but well worth it.  If you want to become a master of these types of strategies show up, do the work every day, and the fun will be opened just like this bag of quinoa!

If you want support in the master of this join me and others at a free event on February 28th, more details HERE.

And if you have questions about these five core strategies prior to that event comment below.

Thanks for being a part of the crew and reading this blog.  I’m grateful that you are here and I’m always happy to connect, email me or check out my social media channels.  THANK YOU. 

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the #PMRBook you can do so HERE. 

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