Did you lose something?


I was on a hiking trail a few weeks ago when I noticed these Kate Spade shades just sitting on a rock. This was a sparsely populated trail and I couldn't imagine how you would forget them on a sunny day.
But we lose stuff often. As the "change your whole life in January" fad has ended I believe it's worth examining if your marketing has lost anything.

Are you instilling the concepts of people and purpose at the forefront of your marketing strategy?

Do you curate content marketing, organic social media marketing, and paid social media advertising into your marketing every single week?

Will you be willing to own up to failures, mistakes, or just perhaps that you don't have every answer?

Are you showing the authentic transparency to your customers they deserve?

Do you go through the motions on your connections and networking with other businesses or are you truly giving it all you have?

Will you be willing to challenge the status quo in your industry and push yourself, your team, and the business into an uncomfortable state of not settling for easy profit but rather searching for how you can do everything better?

We all know we have an opportunity every day to do our best. Marketing is the chance to share that specific story of whether or not we are doing our best. Now that the January resolutions are over let's make sure we don't wind up like the sunglasses on the rock.
Confused, hot, disoriented, and not sure where to go. Marketing strategies built around these traits will always struggle to ignite the customer experience with passion and exuberance for the work being done.

And if you did lose something with your marketing, today is as good as any day to go find it rather than just ignoring the fact that there's something missing with how you connect with community.

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