Taking care of your people


I spoke at the BBB of Central Ohio's digital media bootcamp a few weeks back.  They are a client of ours at Hutchison Media and everyone I have ever meet there is rock chalk awesome sauce!
It's no surprise then that they sent me this is a THANK YOU gift.  Totally not needed but they take care of their people so it's how they roll.

I work with a prominent yoga studio in Columbus and we were talking about marketing plans and one of the owners said "We just love taking care of our people."  Meaning the students who practice there and the teachers.  They do this every day and it doesn't need to be stated.

The takeaway I'd like to land with you on this post is why this concept is important and how to do it.

1. It's important because it drives all aspects of your business.
2. Do it through care, the little daily things (smiles, eye contact, lack of knee jerk reactions, etc.), and just loving your employees and customers with an authentic glow that's hard to replicate.
3. Share it through your marketing story, without talking yourself up.  
4. Keep showing up, keep doing the work, and keep putting your people first. Others will come and go if you just keep showing up.  I've found this to be true on this blog and my business.

Don't sweat everything else, take care of your people and prove it with action day after day and everything else has a tendency to fall into place.

Now that I come to think of it taking care of your peeps is what The Passionate Marketing Revolution is all about! #PMRBook

What do you think? Does marketing have anything to do with caring for your team or customers?
Comment below!  Thanks for being here; I appreciate you.

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