Whatcha gonna do with all them tweets?


Or all of them email subscribers, FB Likes, and LinkedIn Connections. 
We measure everything we do in our business on these types of metrics but as you head down on a wide open road with nothing in front of you how will you figure what to actually do with them?

Or for that fact do they even matter?

Marketing online is only worth it if it actually works.  Same with anything you do offline.
If you aren't able to convert your email list, have anyone read your tweets, or get any engagement on your FB page is it really even happening?

These are only platforms.  They are platforms and opportunities for you to create your community.  An engaged community who is interested in what your business does is what matters. 

Stop measuring the tweets and start measuring the impact you are making.
Stop worrying about how many people who RSVP'd and start concerning yourself with who shows up and what they get out of what you do for them.
Stop trying to figure out how outlandish you can be on FB and start focusing on creating something that people will stop their "scroll eyes" for just one moment and then will hopefully tell somebody else about what you said.

The future of marketing isn't about how big of a so called audience you have.  It's about how many people actually give any sort of hoot about what you are doing or if you are actually getting paid for doing the work that you are producing.

I'll take 9 twitter followers, clients on retainer, book sales, and people telling me they are getting results from my consulting work with them than 9,489,310 people who are on my email list but aren't quite sure why and think the emails are boring, overdone, and lame.

The choice is ours...now just like the Black Eyes Peas asked...Whatcha gonna do with all them tweets? Measure them or let them measure you?

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