How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen your Brand

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Mike Rudd, partner at Hutchison Media Consultants and Founder at Marketing Fun with Mike shares his secrets to effective storytelling

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Mike Rudd is the definition of a successful marketer. His experience is extremely diverse working with clients of many well-known brands over the years to help them creatively stand out in the digital landscape.

Currently, Mike is the Moneyball Media Buying and Digital Lead Generation Partner at Hutchinson Media Consultants, a media fusion agency that provides both traditional and digital media buying/planning, passionate marketing strategies, creative, production, email marketing, and social media consultation.

Mike is also the founder of Marketing Fun with Mike, which is all about helping people live the life they deserve. I actually got to know Mike in the past when I used to operate a personal publication. Mike was a featured interviewee for a Q&A in which we talked more about Marketing Fun with Mike, the awesome books he published, such as, When Can I KETCHUP and Find My Hot Dog Stand?

Key Takeaways:

  • Why storytelling is so important in today’s day and age

  • How marketers and companies can unleash the power of storytelling

  • Examples of companies leveraging a powerful storytelling experience

  • What to avoid when going down the path of storytelling

  • The future of storytelling in marketing

How to Contact Mike / key resources

  • Hutchinson Media is where Mike is helping businesses stand out and grow through digital media advertising and marketing

  • Hashtag 59 – Mike’s adventure and travel blog

Other Key Resources to Check Out

  • Bernadette Jiwa and The Art of Storytelling – the recognized global authority on the role of story in business, innovation and marketing. She has also authored five best-selling books on marketing and brand storytelling