Hashtag59 THINKTANK Phase Four

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If you missed out on the first four phases of this THINKTANK series you can check them out HERE.  Just scroll down to the Hashtag 59 Archived Series.

For those of you reading this blog for the first time or if you need a reminder the THINKTANK blogs are self starter projects that I am working on and building from the ground up.

I show you in phases the processes of my creations and activities and what is working and not working.

The goal is for you to be able to get a better grasp on how to create things for this world, provide a focus on people and purpose in your digital marketing, support you to understand what can be turned into passion projects/side hustles/full on businesses, and ultimately getting you to create a lifestyle around fulfilling work that impacts the world in a positive way!

Hashtag 59 is all about hiking and experiences in and around the 59 National Parks and the impact they can have on your life and the stories of others you get to meet and relationships that will be created as a result of the journeys.  Hashtag 59 is a way of life…an active adventurous life that is for those seeking to constantly find themselves embedded in the beauty of a lifestyle around the outdoors.

What does Hashtag 59 have to do with digital marketing?  

Plenty!  It’s my vision and hope that these THINKTANK series and phases will show you the proper process and steps to build your own ideas from the ground up.

I am starting the process of building the theme of the website and will be utilizing SquareSpace’s 14 day free trial to build the first draft of the site beginning this weekend.

The fact that I have gotten this far in the process, especially this quickly, has been possible because of digital marketing.  Digital marketing opens doors, gives you data and feedback, and lets you explore business opportunities on a level that will enable you to minimize time and cost put into a project, event, or business in the early stages until you discover that it’s something worth taking to the “next level.”

Today’s post is the final one prior to moving over to the new website.  It is the opportunities and possibilities that I have come up with that will be the backbones of the content and creation on the site.

Here are five ideas I have for the site.  I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on each one if you have any.  I have a few more but this is only the start!

1. To Do’s Blog in Adventure Destinations

The idea here will be written blogs with heavy doses on photos, reviews, and accounts of cool things to do in and around different National Parks and other heavy adventure destination based cities and regions in and outside of the United States. (Think Iceland, Moab Utah, C’oeur Dalene Idaho, etc).

It will be a how to with research, ideas, and reviews for those wanting to get some first hand info from someone who has been to places they are going to or might consider visiting.

2. 59 National Parks Podcast

There is an abundance of incredible people that work in and around the National Parks or are doing something within them.  My vision here is to share these stories of the people that I meet and connect with when visiting the National Parks.  And then turn them into podcasts with one from each of the 59 National Parks.  I am unsure yet if I will release them all at once as a downloadable series or do them one by one as I visit each of these places.  This will be a chance for you to hear some of these accounts of these incredible people and hopefully be inspired to visit one of the parks they are talking about.

3. Prints

While being an amateur photographer I do believe I have an eye for beautiful and incredible sweeping views of nature and the outdoors.

I’ll offering the opportunity to purchase prints of some of my photos, and perhaps photos of other friends I travel to these places with, and give people the opportunity to order them.

They might be as little “postcards” or “thank you cards” or actually framed prints on them.  I get to decide what angle to take on this.

4. Vacation Coordinator

Ever wanted to hire someone to help you find the hidden gems for a trip or put together an itinerary based on the likes/desires/visions of people you will be going on a trip with?

That opportunity is here!  I have been a travel hacker and been all over the world.  Now I”m going to support others in creating lasting memories by helping them by their vacation coordinator.

I won’t be a travel agent but rather someone who pieces together a trip for people based on forms they fill out and conversations we have.  Together we will create a trip that stands the test of time and will never be forgotten by the group that goes on it!

5. Hiking Guides

Ever wanted to have a 3 day hiking itinerary for Rocky Mountain National Park that fits in your pocket?

I’m not talking about maps or bulky books.  But rather beautiful pocket sized story guides that give you the chance to know exactly the best spots to hit and what to not miss based on different lengths of time that you will be staying at one of the 59 National Parks.

I will be building these out for the parks that I have spent the first three plus decades of my life visiting and hiking in.  They will be easy to use, fun to read, and a guide for you to not feel overwhelmed or confused about what to hike and what not to hike.

What do you think of the core content and vision behind Hashtag 59?

I’d be most grateful for your feedback on this list.

Email me at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com or leave a comment below.
Thanks again for being here and reading this, shares are most welcome and reciprocated with virtual high fives!

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