Volunteer Projects THINKTANK: Phase Eight

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For those of you reading this blog for the first time or if you need a reminder the THINKTANK blogs are self starter projects that I am working on and building from the ground up.

I show you in phases the processes of my creations and activities and what is working and not working.

The goal is for you to be able to get better grasp on how to create things for this world, focus on people and purpose in your digital marketing, understand what can be turned into passion projects/side hustles/full on businesses, and ultimately you getting to create a lifestyle around fulfilling work that impacts the world in a positive way!

This particular THINKTANK is about my leadership and volunteering role with the Alzheimer’s Association headed into the hopeful raising of ONE MILLION DOLLARS on September 24th at the Central Ohio Walk.

What am I doing now to work towards this goal??

We are having an event!! 
It’s going to be an awesome fundraising event and you are invited as well.

The date is Saturday September 9th and will be at 4pm at Yoga on High in the Short North of Columbus Ohio.

My friend who is in the picture above with me is Anne Weidinger and she was my first yoga teacher I ever had when going to Yoga on High.  She’s also on the best teachers in the city at the best yoga studio in the city.

That’s where you just got an invite for…to attend a free class by one of the best yoga teachers and the best yoga studio in Columbus.

In exchange for the free class we are requesting a $20.00 donation back to the 2017 Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

We’ll also be selling raffle tickets at the door for $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  We’ll have prize packs from my awesome friends Yoga Warrior Wear, FormulaO2, and Yoga On High.

It will be 90 minutes you won’t soon forget! What is next in terms of the execution of this event?

Well we get to have some good old fashioned fun spreading the word about this and letting the marketing of it be authentic and far reaching!

I hope you’ll join us that day; you can RSVP to Mike@marketingfunwithmike.com.  And if you can’t come but you would like to make a donation to our team page then you can instead do so HERE.

How does this THINKTANK series relate to business though?  

After all it’s a volunteering role so what does it have to do with creation of a business or revenue through new projects and ideas.

The answer lies in the fact that volunteering is networking and relationship building at its finest.  You grow business by relying on these two core competencies as well.  If you volunteer with a fire in your belly people are going to start noticing that.

You never know who might be looking to add someone like you to their team or as a partner on new creative project.

That’s why volunteering with fire and passion is so important to your professional career.  That and the causes you volunteer deserve your personal best.  Not just when you feel like it in your spare time.

Are you ready to create a lifestyle around work that leaves you fulfilled? 
Join my community in a bigger way by signing up HERE!  It’s absolutely free and I have a gift upon your sign up for you to help you get started on this lifestyle.

I’m always grateful for shares and comments.  Thanks for reading and being here.

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