Volunteer Projects THINKTANK: Phase Seven

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For those of you reading this blog for the first time or if you need a reminder the THINKTANK blogs are self starter projects that I am working on and building from the ground up.
I show you in phases the processes of my creations and activities and what is working and not working.

The goal is for you to be able to get better grasp on how to create things for this world, focus on people and purpose in your digital marketing, understand what can be turned into passion projects/side hustles/full on businesses, and ultimately you getting to create a lifestyle around fulfilling work that impacts the world in a positive way!

This particular THINKTANK is about my leadership and volunteering role with the Alzheimer’s Association headed into the hopeful raising of ONE MILLION DOLLARS on September 24th at the Central Ohio Walk.

How do you get to one million dollars?  You get to fundraise!  And that’s what today’s blog post is about.

There are TONS of incredible non profits and causes out there so it’s not just as easy as creating a Facebook post and asking people to donate money to you.

You need to be creative and come up with some FUN marketing tips and strategies to get people excited about what you are up to.

I have decided on a goal of $3,600.00 to raise for this year’s walk and I highlighted in phase SIX of this post series how I would do a yoga event.  You can read it HERE.

Here’s what has happened since then:

  1. I have secured a venue to have the event at (my client and friends at Yoga On High!)
  2. We have decided on Saturday September 9th at 4pm for the class.
  3. My friend and incredible yoga teacher Anne W will be leading the class.
  4. My awesome buds from Yoga Warrior Wear and FormulaO2 will be stepping up as in-kind sponsors for raffle fundraising.
  5. I helped layout a grassroots and digital marketing plan with all parties to promote this event starting about 30 days out from it.
  6. I now get to create marketing materials and begin to spread the word about the event.

Beyond this we will be having another leadership committee meeting this week, my Team Retention Sub Committee will meet next week, and we have another marketing piece ready to be sent out to our returning team captains in hopes of giving them support that they can use to meet fundraising goals.

When you sign up to volunteer somewhere it’s not just to show up and be okay.  The way you do anything is the way you do everything.  By choosing to be in a leadership role for a large scale event like this it’s not just showing up that day to set up tables and chairs.

It’s a year round commitment that requires hustle, time, and dedication.

How does this relate to business though?  

After all it’s a volunteering role so what does it have to do with creation of a business or revenue through new projects and ideas.

The answer lies in the fact that volunteering is networking and relationship building at its finest.  You grow business by relying on these two core competencies as well.  If you volunteer with a fire in your belly people are going to start noticing that.

You never know who might be looking to add someone like you to their team or as a partner on new creative project.

That’s why volunteering with fire and passion is so important to your professional career.  That and the causes you volunteer deserve your personal best.  Not just when you feel like it in your spare time.

Are you ready to create a lifestyle around work that leaves you fulfilled? 
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I’m always grateful for shares and comments.  Thanks for reading and being here.

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