Hashtag 59 THINKTANK: Phase One

It’s time to introduce yet another project and THINKTANK series to this blog!

Being in Rocky Mountain National Park this week I felt it would be fitting to introduce my latest idea that I will be scaling through the THINKTANK series here and it’s called Hashtag 59!

The reason that it is fitting to release this week is Hashtag 59 is in reference to the 59 National Parks in America; and Rocky Mountain National Park is one of those 59 parks.

What is Hashtag 59 all about?

I am a wanderlust, avid hiker, and frequent traveler.  It's what I spend a chunk of my disposable income on and it’s my favorite past time.  We also get to travel a lot because my wife and I both have business travel and we use “travel hacking” to our advantage to secure free flights/hotels. We also have family in California, Iowa, Tennessee, Maryland, Florida, and Nebraska and good friends in Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Virginia, Wyoming, England, and The Philippines, among other places so it kind of is part of the life that we have if we want to spend time with people we care about.
I enjoy all types of hiking and traveling.  Whether it’s with my wife, on a “boys” trip, or even solo when that arises the open road and the International flight are always calling my name!

I have often thought about starting a travel blog but I honestly did not know where to begin.  There are so many incredible ones out there and if I did something I would want to fill a gap rather than just being another blogger talking about 10 ways to travel to Thailand on the cheap.

My biggest travel love and reason I do it is to hike, get outside, and there’s no better way to do that in the United States than to visit one, a dozen, or every one of the 59 National Parks.

Hashtag 59 is going to be a movement.  It will be a dedicated place for hikers focused on the experience that they get both inside and outside of the 59 National Parks.  It will feature lists of the best day hikes in country, the charming towns outside of them’s best restaurant, the spaces in which to see wildlife, and of course the premier camping venues.  I have spent my entire life (since I was a newborn) visiting and experiencing these parks and will continue to do this as long as I’m alive.  I believe there’s a story to share about these special places and a unique way to look at it that’s quite possibly not being explored yet.

It will also feature interviews with people inside the parks when I visit them and meet others.  What makes them so special to them and what they get out of them.  The stories of why everyone else is there and what their secrets about them that they are willing to share are.

Hashtag 59 will not just be a blog but it will be a community.  A community of like minded individuals looking for a craving of their wanderlust while looking at a smartphone or Macbook Air.

It will be a chance to connect, share, and experience views of the parks that typically are not talked about.

From the life of the rangers to the history to the dangers and to the relevance of them today in our political landscape.
Hashtag 59 will be for the hikers and park baggers by the hikers and park baggers.

My vision is that it will eventually include designed hats and T-shirts, group meet ups and hiking events/get togethers, prints of my photography taken in these special places, and a community of guest writers contributing their stories.  Perhaps eventually a full length documentary about the parks movement.  With of course a contribution of sales going back to the very foundation that has made it all possible.

This vision and creation will of course only happen if this THINKTANK meets the digital marketing phases approval to get off of the Marketing Fun With Mike site and into its own space.

I’m asking you to be a part of this!  Phase one is about creating the declaration to the world and that’s what I have done here.

What do you think about this idea? 
Is it something that interests you or is that something that you believe would be worth pursuing to create for this community?

I’d love your feedback.  This is the first step in curating and creating an experience and idea for the world to take part in and enjoy.

Please offer up any thoughts/constructive feedback that you have.  You can either put your comments below or email me directly at Mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com.

I’ll be back with phase two of this series with my five favorite day hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park since I’m currently here and visiting.

It’s my vision and hope that these THINKTANK series and phases will show you the proper process and steps to build your own ideas from the ground up.

If you are ready and interested in learning more get my free story guide HERE when you sign up for my newsletter.  It will get you further down the path than where you are currently at that much I know!

Thanks again for being here and reading this.  Shares are most welcomed and once again I’d be most grateful for your feedback on this particular idea.

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