Basketball Camp THINKTANK: Phase Nine

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Another update on what we have been doing with the promotion of our basketball camp.  We have three slots left and we are aiming to be completely full by a week before the camp occurs.

If you have a child entering 5th thru 8th grade in Central Ohio who likes basketball you can sign them up HERE!

What have we been doing?

The last two weeks have brought the launch of the registration page and a constant promotion and marketing of the event to fill the slots.

Here’s a quick rundown of what that has looked like:

  • I have reached out to several local kids focused non profits and youth groups in the area to give them the information about the camp.
  • Flyers have been printed and distributed to local coffee shops, yoga studios, and workout facilities that I hang out and frequent.
  • We have sent emails out to last year’s camp attendees, the area ArchDiocese coaches, and the AAU email database of Nova Village Athletic Club; who is my partner for putting on the camp.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of Andreas, James, and all their coaching volunteers.
  • Local radio stations have been grateful enough to run us PSA’s to further let the community know about the camp.  Sunny95, 97.1 The Fan, and CD102.5 have been great in this capacity.
  • I have sent out personal emails and touch points to clients and people in the community that I specifically know have kids in this age bracket who play basketball.
  • Thanks to one of our sponsors we have a small paid advertising budget to run Facebook ads that have also contributed to a nice number of sign ups.
  • We were also featured on Good Day Columbus, a local TV station’s morning show, and can you view the clip HERE!

How is it going?

Overall we are getting sign ups every single day and marching towards capacity.  We added over thirty-five slots to this year’s camp so it’s taking longer to fill and having it the week of the 4th of July we have found that a lot of people are out of town on family vacations.

This was anticipated but it was the date that we could have our awesome venue (Vineyard Community Center) for the day so we went with it.

This year the camp has been promoted more heavily than ever before.  We also hope it will lead to our largest turnout yet, which will be the case if everyone shows up who signed up.

One thing I have definitely learned is there are never too many rocks to uncover.  An event you create fills to capacity one sign up a time.  Sometimes you will get to talk to ten people to get one more sign up.

But if that’s one more kid that has the time of their life then it’s all worth it.

Sponsorship are the same way.  We received some paid sponsorships this year for the first time, new in-kind sponsors, and have opportunities to grow that in a bigger way for 2018.

But once again it’s one at a time.

Creating something is not easy.  It takes time, dedication, purpose, and every relationship you have to build it.

I’m so fortunate for my relationships; without the promotion of the camp, the volunteers, and the entire event would not be possible.

Value your relationships and treat people with the most kindness and love you possibly can.  Give all you can and I promise you will receive more than you ever thought possible in your life.  

That’s where we are at.  Now it’s about the nitty gritty details!

Email reminders out to the campers parents, waivers getting signed and filed, volunteer instructors picking their station, communicating with the sponsors on drop offs, bagging of the T-shirts, organization of the afternoon tournament, and overall a high level of organization and communication with all 200 or so moving parts leading up to the camp!

That’s what we’ll be doing and I’ll look forward to reporting back afterwards with final thoughts of the 2017 Basketball Camp THINKTANK series and how the day went!

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