Basketball Camp THINKTANK: Phase Eight


For the first seven phases of the Basketball Camp THINKTANK head HERE!

We are live!  

Registration for our camp is now open and it is first come first serve!

What now?

You have to hustle and grind and share with value what you are putting out there.

Don’t just expect people to fill your event or purchase something you are selling by having one Facebook post.

You get to do interviews, ask for support in sharing the concept, ask everyone you know, etc.

What’s a reasonable time frame to expect to fill your seats or make sales?

It really depends on how much you market it, how much people are interested, and your costs/number of spaces available.

Some events sell out in seconds (think Rolling Stones tours or the current Bruno Mars one) while others slowly sell out and require advertising (think a decent sports team in your area) and then there’s everything in between!

Our camp is in between.  While we hope we sell out in a week we’ve added 20 slots to this year’s camp.  We also are doing it just a few days after the 4th of July which will be a popular vacation week for people.

We’ll see how it goes but we still hope that in 7-14 days we’ll be all filled up!

How do you measure success?

Have goals, set expectations, and be ready to measure everything.

It’s really that simple!  Yet complicated and detailed at the same time.

What’s next?

Fill out all the spots and then it’s about fine tuning the details, keeping both the attendees, volunteers, and sponsors excited leading up to the event.

And that’s what the final pre phase will be about!  Phase nine will show you how to keep people excited leading up to the event with phase ten being the actual day of event and wrap up!

I hope this THINKTANK phase and project helps you lay out something to create in this world that you truly believe in.

If you know of anyone who would want to sign up their child for this camp please pass along to them…I’d be grateful for any shares!

Looking to implement more passion and purpose into your digital marketing lead generation or have questions about building ideas like my basketball camp from the ground up??  I’d love to hear from you, email and sign up to my Bi Monthly Vlog HERE!

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