Volunteer Projects THINKTANK: Phase Five

For the first four phases of the Volunteer Project THINKTANK head HERE and scroll down to the Volunteering Projects THINKTANK tab!

Phase five is telling you a little bit about what we are doing to get ready for the Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 24th from the viewpoint of the Team Retention Committee.

We are just one of several volunteer committees that meet monthly as a team to get ready for this one day event.  Each leader of the committee also meets with the other committee heads and the Walk Director once per month.

Here’s what we are up to this month to ensure we stay on track of meeting our team retention goals while attempting to support in raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.  (And the only one without a cure.)

  1. We are making phone calls to each team that has already signed up to make sure they don’t have any questions about fundraising incentives, adding team members, or questions about the day of event.
  2. We finished our Kroger $200.00 gift card incentive promotion with a total of 15 new teams signed up during it.  That was the most teams we got signed up in a 10 day window since late January.  Our goal is to get 225 total returning team signed up so it was about 7.5% of our goal.  Overall I expected it to perform better but it was decent and helpful.
  3. Next up is our construction of these TEAm packets that we are mailing out.  A free purple tea packet to thank people for being a TEAm leader last year and to sign up for this year.
  4. Five of us met on Wednesday night of last week at the association to put together the different pieces needed to mail 250 of these out next week.
  5. At our subcommittee meeting on June 20th we will get these hand written/addressed, mail them out, and also create a video outline for what our July touchpoint will be.

Overall there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes at organizations to put ideas, events, and even basic fundraising strategies together.  Keep in mind this we are one committee, for one event, at one association.  And we have five things all 13 of us are working on five months before the event!

Stay tuned for another phase to keep you up to speed with what we will be doing next.

Do you have any other questions about my role that might help you gain some clarity on how to lead and work with a team for a volunteering cause? 

Email me at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com to ask me any questions about my volunteering history, your comments and experiences, and any other ways in which I can help you build something special through this THINKTANK.  It’s happening in order to support you and to help you create something impactful in this world that you also enjoy doing.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to receive the bi monthly THINKTANK videos by signing up HERE.  I appreciate you reading this post, I’m most grateful for shares, and thanks for being a part of the MFWM crew!

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