How the THINKTANK grows

It’s great to be able to sit somewhere and spitball ideas with friends over coffee or wine and let the creativity run wild.

THINKTANKS, or brainstorming sessions, are fun to do but after they are over the question is how does it grow?

In fact how do you grow a business in this day and age?  Especially one that you are just starting!

There are three key metrics that I focus on when working with a business to have these THINKTANK ideas grow and support the business.

1. Facebook Ads

If you have any type of budget whatsoever and you ask me the first thing I would recommend spending it on I would say Facebook Ads.

Why?  They are efficient in terms of the dollars spent, they are not perceived as spammy or invasive to people because of their ad policy, and they have the best targeting capabilities around.  AdEspresso is a great paid service to help A/B test your ads and something all of our clients receive as part of doing business with us.

2. Email Marketing

Are you building an email marketing database and then nurturing this list?  If you aren’t you are severely hurting your potential business growth.  Treat every person that signs up for your email list like a person.  Not just an email address.

Talk to these people and give them value and insight.  And let them know how you are going to talk to them and when you will be reaching out them.  Mailchimp is my preferred email marketing tool.

3. Instagram Influencers

Do you have a cool product that people might be willing to talk about because they like it so much?  

That’s what influence marketing is all about.  And Instagram is the hot spot where it’s all happening.

I have purchased influence marketing, done it on trade, gotten it organically without asking, and every time it produces natural and well intentioned results.

Are you utilizing these digital marketing practices after your THINKTANK sessions are over and you are putting new strategies, products, or business practices out in the world?

If you aren’t consider doing so today!

I utilize these for my own business as well though I am currently not doing the first one.  My two friends and great business partners Mike and Paula and I are working on some back end creations and once we have these completed we will implement number one.

I’m instead focusing more on my content marketing strategy through this blog and my social media marketing plan on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you are a business owner or a marketing/advertising director for a business and need/want help in growing your revenue through digital marketing I’m available for a fireside chat!

Email and I’ll be happy to connect.  If you want to see how my email marketing strategy looks and feels then you can sign up HERE.

Here’s to you and your THINKTANK ideas!  Let the passion pour out during them and put an impact on this planet during your one special life.

Thanks for reading this blog and being here.  Shares are most appreciated and comments encouraged.

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