We have no other choice.

The world is our oyster and it needs our creativity.

Creativity is about making the world a better place.  Utilizing our education, resources, and all the gifts that have bestowed upon us to make something that this planet has a use for.

Marketing isn’t about selling something to hit a number.

Marketing is about creating a vision for the world that you have and then taking massive action on it.

In a fun way of course :).

The THINKTANK articles (head to my Blog Archives if you missed them) are about the creation I am fighting to put out in the world.

Nobody said it’s easy.  What’s easy is not creating.  What’s easy is staying on the sidelines.

We need more people playing the game and perhaps losing at it.  And trying again!

Read my THINKTANK or ignore it, but definitely go create something.


Bi Monthly Vlog and my Free Story Guide are HERE.

Thanks for being a part of this crew.  You are a rock star…and I appreciate you!

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