Columbus StartUp Week Takeaways

Columbus Ohio is a lot cooler than people think I swear.

Yes the winters can be gray and it’s a bit of a drive to the mountains or the beach but in terms of great city living it’s the best kept secret in America!

That’s not an exaggeration either.

Last week we had a gathering for networking, learning, growth, and sustainable growth of our city and the world at Columbus StartUp Week.

A few highlights I wanted to share:

  1. JD Vance was a true delight to see and I highly recommend picking up his book “Hillbilly Elegy”.  I am starting it this week.  
  2. LIVE YOUR VALUES.  Advice and thoughts from a panel member on how to incorporate your personal beliefs into your work.  Loved that!
  3. Columbus plans to reduce commuter rates by 10% over the next two years.  It’s just one of a dozen or so awesome initiatives that our Smart City Grant that the city secured will be doing to make an impact in a big way in the #CBus.
  4. Local friends and business owners Hai Poke were just one of many food trucks who came out and donated food during the week.  Big ups to them!  The event was free, the coffee was free, and so was the food.  Simply amazing!
  5. OWN IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T OWN IT.  Great line from my friend and local female business owner Heather at Geben Communications.  PR isn’t on the rise but her and her team are growing because they know how to pivot and do it in the new age of digital marketing.
  6. Social Enterprise.  The shift to building a business around a sustainable model for giving back to the world in a positive way was a core theme of the week.  Everyone’s doing it so jump on the bandwagon.  We have room for everybody!

I highly recommend you attend StartUp Week in Columbus in 2018 or one in your part of the world.  And if you live in Columbus join my friends Wake Up Start Up the 2nd Friday of every month at 730am at COSI for some startup pitches, coffee, and laughs from founder Brain Zuercher.  (For real he’s hilarious!)

Let’s go create something special in this world!

Free gift HERE for newsletter sign up.  Thanks for being a part of this crew!

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