Basketball Camp THINKTANK: Phase Five

For the first four phases of the Basketball Camp THINKTANK head HERE!

We have gone over getting volunteers, securing sponsorships, scaling an idea into a side hustle, and now it’s time to go over some necessary blocking and tackling for this event.

Phase five is all about insurance and waivers!

And we have a few volunteer slots left for basketball coaches in the 8-12 and the 12-4 shifts on July 7th!

Giant Eagle, Graeter’s, Hutchison Media, and a few others have been gracious enough to step up with sponsorships but there’s also a few slots left.

If interested in either email me at!

Why is having insurance and waivers form at an event important?

There are some crazy things that can happen at an event.  Some are totally out of your control or hands and you never know unfortunately how people will react and who they will choose to hold responsible.

If YOU are putting on an event get insurance for it or fall under the venue’s insurance.

And make sure everyone signs a WAIVER!  No exceptions!  I’ve signed a waiver for a meditation retreat even; it’s all about covering your bases.

Where can I get a waiver with the right information included?

Let me know and I’ll be more than happy to supply the one we use for the basketball camp!

Or talk to anyone who has put on an event in the past that has used a waiver form.

Make sure that everyone either signs in person and you keep them on file or you have an E Sign available when signing up for the event.

How much will insurance cost?

It depends on what you are doing.  Hosting a base jump class over the Grand Canyon might be a tad more expensive than a “how to grow a garden” info session.

Consult the venue you will be having it at or your local insurance provider to get an appropriate quote.

It won’t be much though and would be much more expensive if you didn’t have it and something happened!

What if you have someone who won’t sign a waiver?

Offer them a refund or politely let them know that will cause them to forfeit their participation in the event.

What’s next to continue building an event?

It’s time to plan out the outline of the event and then the marketing of it!

That will be phases seven and eight.

I hope this THINKTANK phase was beneficial to you and helped remind you of a very important step in creating an event.  Things like insurance and waivers won’t make much noise if you do them but if you forget or forgo it could be a bigger issue than you could have ever imagined.

Looking to implement more passion and purpose into your digital marketing lead generation or have questions about building ideas like my basketball camp from the ground up??  I’d love to hear from you, email and sign up to my Bi Monthly Vlog HERE!

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