Volunteer THINKTANK Projects: Phase Three

In case you missed Phase One of this THINKTANK head HERE to read it and head HERE for Phase Two!

Phase three of this series is about making your marketing FUN in your volunteer role.

I figured if I can’t offer some value in this category I should rename this website right?! :).

As the Team Retention Captain for the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s part of my role and my team’s role is to have a monthly touch point with all team captains from the 2016 Walk.

Yes we could call them each month and beg them to sign up, donate a lot of money, and find others to do the same for us.

Or we can attempt to offer value, curate relationships, and have a little fun with how we reach out to them!

Therefore our May touchpoint is sending the above picture of the photos of everyone on Team Retention in the mail to these past team captains, including a hand written note to them, and offering them the chance to win a $200.00 gift card to Kroger (which was donated to the association) if they sign up their team by May 31st.

It’s a nice combination of fun, relationship building, and creating urgency to get signed up and involved now instead of waiting until mid September.  (The walk is on September 24th.)

When you are volunteering somewhere or working on any type of project and you have marketing pieces to create (both online or offline) if you can combine the three above items (fun, relationship building, and urgency) then you’ll have a better shot at showing your authentic self to people.

Marketing isn’t about spamming people or driving them crazy.  It’s about offering them something they might already be interested in while doing it in a human way and then showing your gratitude for their consideration whether or not they take you up on it.

One of the “Four Agreements” is to never take things personally in life.  

Will everyone love this card? Probably not!

Do we need to get personally bent out of shape if they don’t? Nope!

Try a albeit goofy yet personable marketing message like ours the next time you are looking for support from a community.  You just might make someone’s day and get people to commit to signing up that team or whatever it is you are requesting they consider!

And someone is going to win a lot of bananas from Kroger!

Do you have any other questions about my role that might help you gain some clarity on fun marketing messages? 

Email me at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com to ask me any questions about my volunteering history, your comments and experiences, and any other ways in which I can help you build something special through this THINKTANK.  It’s happening in order to support you and to help you create something impactful in this world that you also enjoy doing.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to receive the bi monthly THINKTANK videos by signing up HERE.  I appreciate you reading this post, I’m most grateful for shares, and thanks for being a part of the MFWM crew!

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