Basketball Camp THINKTANK: Phase Two

If you missed out on Phase One of the Basketball Camp THINKTANK you can head HERE to read the first post in this ongoing series.

Well what’s happened since the last time we spoke about the basketball camp?

Dates, dates, dates to be exact!  We have been going back and forth with our preferred partner venue on the date of our camp.

This is an ordinary occurrence in the planning and building of an event.  Though we had done this event in early to mid August the last three years at Vineyard Community Center this year they have a kids camp going on all month long that does not allow us to have the event there.

We went back and forth on a few other options but ultimately decided that we really wanted to stay at this venue.  They have been good to us since the beginning and people are beginning to familiarize themselves with the venue.

We threw around a few more dates that couldn’t work for all of us and it seems that we have nailed down Friday July 7th for our date.  (Pending final approval from Vineyard!)

First off mark your calendars!  Second off though be prepared for hiccups in any type of event and project that you are working on.

The odds on everything going smoothly from start to finish are next to impossible.

My advice is, instead of being so consumed about the end game and the perfection of what you are creating, to focus on the journey and what you get to learn and create for the world that has a positive impact.

Too many times we only look at the view from the summit but forget about the wonderful hike we took to the top.

Next up for us with the basketball camp is a brainstorming meeting and to begin looking for sponsors and volunteers!

The camp reaches capacity every year through our grassroots social media marketing and word of mouth and we can only hope that will happen again this year. 

Phase three is going to be showing you how to build out sponsorship packages and what angles and opportunities to consider when doing so.

Phase four will be talks about insurance for events and the coordination of volunteers.

Then we’ll get to the fun stuff and the vision of the camp; which is to “Give 100 kids in Central Ohio a day they’ll never forget!”

Looking to implement more passion and purpose into your digital marketing or have questions about building ideas from the ground up??  I’d love to hear from you, email and get my Bi Monthly Vlog HERE!

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