Volunteer THINKTANK Projects: Phase Two

In case you missed Phase One of this THINKTANK head HERE to read it.

Phase two of volunteering is when you decide to truly dig your heels in and get involved in a very deep way at an organization.  

Using the Alzheimer’s Association as the example still I chose to move from being a day of volunteer that helped with the grunt work of setting up, running, and tearing down the events to being part of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s leadership committee and being in charge of the “Team Retention” Subcommittee that is responsible for getting 346 teams from 2016 to sign up again in 2017 AND building a relationship with these team captains. Not an easy task to say the least!

The picture at the top of the post is myself a few of my awesome teammates on “Team Retention” at our last meeting!  It’s an honor to work with all of them; they are truly incredible.

Every organization you might volunteer at has an opportunity to “scale” your support time there.  It’s obviously very easy to be told by someone within the organization how great it would be if you volunteered there more and took larger roles like I did at the Alzheimer’s Association.

However even in volunteer situations your time is valuable!

In phase two of this THINKTANK here are four ways to have digital marketing support you in the considerations of “scaling up” as a volunteer at an organization.

  1. Ask people!!  Any type of social media platform allows you to easily ask people about their experiences at the same organization.  Find out what other volunteers have said by asking them.
  2. Research and blogs.  There are TONS of thought leaders and influencers out there in the non-profit and volunteer engagement spot.  Read what they have to say and the keys to success in your potential role and you will start to shape your internal expectations and seeing if it makes sense for you.
  3. Check them out.  Look at the organization’s social media presence and see if it’s something that aligns with your vision.  It’s out there for you to take a look at.  Take in everything you can to learn!  Join their email list if you aren’t on and see what you think about the emails.
  4. Reach out to other chapters of the organization.  LinkedIn and Twitter are great resources for this.  See what people from other chapters are doing and saying about your potential role prior to you plunging headfirst into it.

The passionate marketing revolution is all about getting involved with the people and the purposes of those you love to care about and serve.  It goes well beyond your own personal business goals and ducktails into what you do outside of your work as well.

Personally volunteering has done more for my career growth and enjoyment of life than I could have ever imagined, hoped for, or expected.  I’m truly honored and excited to be supporting on the leadership committee and Team Retention head this year with the goal as a group of raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS for this year’s event.

Phase two of this process hopefully gave you some tips and ideas on how to consider a larger role.  If it helps from a time standpoint my new role will be taking about 10-12 hours per month from February through August with probably 30-40 hours in September (the month of the event) and going back to 10-12 hours per month in October and November prior to being finished.

Do you have any other questions about my role that might help you gain some clarity on your volunteer opportunities? 

Email me at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com to ask me any questions about my volunteering history, your comments and experiences, and any other ways in which I can help you build something special through this THINKTANK.  It’s happening in order to support you and to help you create something impactful in this world that you also enjoy doing.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to receive the bi monthly THINKTANK videos by signing up HERE.  I appreciate you reading this post, I’m most grateful for shares, and thanks for being a part of the MFWM crew!

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