Finding the GAP

The first step in identifying what could be a passion project is simple.  Look at what you are passionate about and create a list.  Identify the passions that you have such an intense love for that you would consider creating something more out of them.

That’s step one!

What is step two?  Finding the GAP.  The GAP refers to the passions that you have identified in step one and starting to consider passion projects that have a GAP.  GAP’s are what happens when there is something that is needed, something that people are demanding, and nothing exists.

It’s exciting when you find the gap because it means you might just get to take a passion of yours, build a passion project because of the gap, and possibly get to enjoy the creative process of turning it into a side hustle.

Finding the GAP requires you to do research online about what exists, what is possible, what’s not being fulfilled, and what’s possible.

It’s about the exploration of opportunities, blue sky thinking at its best!

The GAP also will ask of you to talk to people.  Your family, friends, and online community that will shoot you straight.

The ones that won’t just say “that’s a great idea” are the people that you want to ask.

I have three concepts that I have taken from three passions of mine (Basketball, Yoga, and Online Marketing) and I’m currently in the process of seeing if GAP’s exists for any of these.

Stay tuned!

For you here’s your three step process to get started in finding the GAP:

  1. List out ten of your passions.
  2. Come up with five ideas for each of those passions that could become a project that you work on creating.  (For example I created my basketball camp from my passion for basketball.)
  3. Start doing online research, speaking to people online about the concept, and getting straight shooting no BS thoughts from family and friends.

More soon on what to do if you find a GAP!

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If you want thoughts on a concept that could have a GAP feel free to email me

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