Buck Fifty Team Captain THINKTANK Phase Two

Welcome to phase two of the learnings and feedback from being a team captain in a 24 hour 150 mile road race.

If you missed Volume One you can check it out HERE!

We had our second team meeting last Thursday (picture above along with the appropriate hashtags on Instagram!) and several things came back that I believe you can learn or take away from when being in a leadership role on a passion project!

Here are three takeaways for the passion projects you pursue in phase two:

1. Your organization is important but so is team trust and ownership

I have come prepared with material lists and “FAQ’s” answered ahead of time but I’ve asked my team to take ownership in knowing their routes, packing their appropriate supplies, and more.  

They’ve taken this in stride and I couldn’t do it without them.  From team members volunteering to set up tents to other willing to purchase material items and find us a second van team captain is only a title when it comes to the team sign up page!
As a team leader in a passion project you get to take the lead but trust your team in holding themselves accountability and being enrolled in taking ownership of certain things as well.

This is very different from being an OCD micro manager.

2. Don’t sweat the really small stuff

You are going to forget something.  Someone is going to be late and things you can’t control (traffic, weather, mood of volunteers, etc) are only going to get you worked up if you try to control them.

Understand that whatever it is that you are the team captain on you can do your best but it won’t be perfect.

Embrace the small imperfections.  If you are running a 150 mile road race like us DON’T forget to pack water and your running shoes.  But some of the small stuff…try to not sweat it.

Roll with the punches of what you can’t control as well!

3. Compromises are crucial

We have 10 runners, 2 drivers, 1 race director, 100 volunteers, and 47 other teams (500 or so people) that are taking part in the race with us.

Make compromises.  You are taking part in something special and rather than trying to be the dictator of the whole thing understand that there is a lot of moving parts, people, and nuances that are trying to get worked out.

Make compromises for yourself, your team, and the overall event/passion project.

How does digital marketing play a role in Phase Two?

I have been able to ask questions and receive information that I never thought possible.  Twitter has allowed me to stay in constant communication with other people who have run road races.  

It’s been easy to find other tips, blog posts, and tricks about how to run a race like this online as well.

The Buck Fifty team has been busy on Instagram showing examples of what the race markers will look like, sending emails with last minute safety tips and details, and have been in constant communication should we have questions.

I asked Dave Huggins the race director leading into the final week if there was anything else he needed to get done in order to be ready for the race.

He said “Start/Finish Line banners, course marking, registration prep, more team communications, and volunteers organized!” He said he had a few more but it was on Twitter so he only had 140 characters!

It seems like Dave is taking my tip of compromises and to not sweat the small stuff.  Those are core things that will get done but he gets to make priorities in the final few days and it sounds like he is picking the most important if you ask me.

Dave and the Buck Fifty Crew have also continued to run the race legs and post online videos for us to watch and review their thoughts and feedback on it.

He has also been very genuine in his communications.  He writes like a human and not a robot and even retweeted my last blog with the words that he couldn’t wait to shake my hand at the start line.

Wow what a truly authentic guy.  Makes me want to do the race every year and it’s clear they know how to build and value relationships with their customers!

Digital marketing has made race prep easier, more fun, and way more exciting!

Instead of just showing up on race day we are being led on a journey that started with a little flyer on Thanksgiving Day.

Without digital marketing it wouldn’t quite be the same!

That’s it for phase two…I’ll be back next week with my recap to see how the week of the race went for final preparations and then finally of course the race itself!

Use digital marketing to THINKTANK your own passion projects.  If you do you might just find yourself in a spot like Dave and The Buck Fifty or myself and my Basketball Camp.

And if you are going to join in focus in on being a leader, whether you are officially the team captain or not!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions or comments about this THINKTANK project.  Direct them to mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com or leave a comment below.

Shares of this blog are always appreciated as is your support in being part of this awesome and funky crew!

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