Dog Walking Business THINKTANK: Phase Two

If you missed my phase one musings and learnings about my proposed idea of being a part time dog walker in my neighborhood then click HERE.

After throwing this idea around for some time I am glad I did something to actually consider the opportunity as a side hustle.

Letting ideas sit around forever and never knowing what they might be capable of can drive people crazy.

With all the technology we have access to and the knowledge we can gain from it it’s silly to let an idea go to the grave with you.

For me the idea didn’t seem scalable enough and perhaps the market wasn’t large enough.


Then I went to Wake Up Start Up Friday morning in Columbus and saw a presentation by the fine owners of Juggle!  They are MOMS WITH HUSTLE as you can see above.

They did a great job presenting and I love their app.

According to Juggle the pet sitting/walking world is a SIX BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

This is what’s fun about the thinktank.  Just because I thought it was over doesn’t mean that it is over.

Now that I know it’s a six billion dollar industry worldwide I do believe there’s an opportunity to make say $15-30k a year on having my own dog walking business. (This would constitute a side hustle.)

However as I did more soul searching in phase two of my now revisited and reopened business idea something else came to mind: consistency.

Anybody who hires a dog walker needs that person week in and week out.  Traveling would be a deterrent to somebody in hiring a dog walker.

I actually asked about six people this via digital platforms and face to face and every single person agreed.

If you are a constant traveler who loves seeing the world then being their dog walker doesn’t add up.

For me, at this current moment, it’s the final straw.  I love seeing the world and I love traveling.

Perhaps if I know I will be pinned down somewhere for a few years I’ll start this up but until then I would say the dog walking business does not make it out of phase two and will stay as just an open air idea!

IF you are considering this now as an idea though I would say there’s definitely merit and opportunity.  I would recommend taking it through some similar phases of scale!

Want to talk more about this you avid dog lover and possible professional walker?

I’d love to, email me at and maybe once you make it big and need someone to do some walks but can also travel I’ll get the honor of being hired by YOU!

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