Basketball Camp THINKTANK: Phase One

Give 100 kids in Central Ohio a day they’ll never forget.

That was my vision statement for the first year when I created a Free Kids Basketball Camp.

I am now entering the 4th year and after reaching full capacity two out of the first three years this is a crucial year for the basketball camp.

I’ll be documenting my journey into hopefully turning this from a passion project into a side hustle in year four!

Here are some of my past posts about the basketball camp, the journey, and evolution of it:

The basketball camp started as an idea that after taking it through the first three phases definitely passed the test to be something worth pursuing in a larger fashion.

The results were outstanding as I built it with 97.1 The Fan.  After two years though 97.1 The Fan was unable to be the exclusive partner with me on it so I went out with my friends Andreas and James from Nova Village and we got to work on a pure grassroots and bootstrapped level for year three.

It went great and was honestly the best one yet.  However last year’s main goal was more about ensuring the survival of it without 97.1 The Fan.

Now that we have had that the question is (of course after securing the date for this year!) how do we generate revenue for ourselves and also create give back donations to involved partners?

That’s where we are currently at and I believe the pecking order in what is next looks a little something like this:

  1. Secure venue and date
  2. Put the word out for volunteers/support
  3. Create sponsorship packages
  4. Go out and sell them!
  5. End goal of being able to create a side hustle flow of revenue for the three of us putting the camp on, a stipend/thank you for the volunteers, and a give back to the venue/non profit we partner with to put the event on.

All of this can be done through the two new P’s of marketing in my upcoming book (Passion and Purpose) and with a hustle and grind on digital marketing.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see first hand the journey of whether or not this will continue to be a passion project that I love doing in the community or something that can be scaled into something bigger.

Either way the vision will NOT change: Give 100 kids in Central Ohio a day they’ll never forget!

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