The Open Road

The opportunity to treat our careers and businesses like an open road is a spectacular notion to consider.

What if we treated our work like a great road trip?

Here are some keys to it:

  1. An up for anything attitude.
  2. The mindset that you will perhaps get lost, and that’s okay.
  3. Strangers will become friends.  And you get to reciprocate what comes your way.
  4. You get to trust people you don’t know, until they break that trust.  Most won’t.
  5. True openness to what each day might bring weather wise.  Some days there will be sunshine and other days might bring thunderstorms.  But the drive continues.
  6. You get to learn something new every single day.
  7. Take time to stretch, relax, and explore.

The open road brings joy, surprise, new beginnings, and sometimes tough endings.  

Work can do the same if we are open to it.

This mindset beats a bored “hump day”, impatiently waiting until Five O’Clock, and ready for the weekend thought process for me any day of the week.

Atmosphere eloquently rapped the ironic line “Ain’t no one really all that jolly at your happy hour”.  That doesn’t have to the be the case.

Let the open road keys drive your career as well as your road trips.  Excitement and growth awaits!

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