The Hedgehog Concept

Michael Lewis has an outstanding new book out that I am reading and Tim Ferris has come out swinging again with a 700 plus page sure to be masterpiece that I will be jumping into next.

But to start off the new year I read an old business classic…

“From Good to Great”.

At Trident our leadership team was all enrolled in reading or perhaps re reading this book at the end of the year and over the holidays.

I read it first during a lazy college summer working the hot dog stand.  The summer months at the stand weren’t exactly cash cow days but they were fun, a little stressful, and with the gaps during day with so fewer students I read one book per week.

I would encourage you that no matter what profession you are in, or if you don’t even have a job but want to understand teams, leadership, and economics, to take a dive into this classic business book.

I won’t ruin the whole book but one of the concepts centers around the ability to recognize and constantly implement your “Hedgehog Concept.”

What is that you might ask?

You see a hedgehog can’t do a lot of things.  Foxes hunt them and foxes are intelligent, quick, agile, and pure hunters.  Hedgehogs can only roll up into a spiky ball but they do it so well that the fox, for all their incredible qualities, can never catch the hedgehog when they are rolled into those spikes.

The hedgehog can only do one thing but holy smokes do they do it well.

The hedgehog concept as it relates to the book and to business is finding something that you are:

  1. Passionate about
  2. The best in the world at
  3. Makes some form of revenue and profit

And then focusing in on that and only doing that.  Saying NO to opportunities outside of the Hedgehog is a must.

Number two is a little tricky huh?!?!  Most people assume you just have to be passionate like in the picture at the top of this post (I have in the past) but Jim Collins really takes us beyond that in this strategic concept.

Take a look and consider what you can be the best in the world at.

I realize that I am not the best social media marketing strategist in the world.  I’m decent at, maybe even good at it.

But there’s a difference.

What about you? 
If you find yourself struggling on bandwidth but not quite bringing in the money or hitting the goals you envisioned taking a read through “Good to Great” might be worth your while.

I’ll be back on Thursday with what I believe my Hedgehog concept is for Marketing Fun With Mike.

As it pertains to Trident we have it figured out…now it’s just time to take action on it!

Thanks for reading and being down with this hot dog crew, shares are thanked with virtual fist bumps!  Sign up here for EMPOWERMENT.

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