Hedgehogs Revealed

Earlier this week I spoke about the Hedgehog Concept and what it means.

If you missed that post I suggest jumping back HERE and reading before going on here.

I said I would reveal what I believe is possible for my Hedgehog as it relates to my business Marketing Fun With Mike and the clients I serve and will serve for that and at Hutchison Media.

A lot of agencies and digital marketers still look at data numbers and data points that don’t matter when purchasing media or trying to acquire new customers.

Unfortunately they are looking at industry benchmarks that are starting to grow stale.  When doing some analysis and digging to figure out the Hedgehog Concept for my stuff there was a lot that I didn’t make the cut.

Marketing consultation is one for instance, weird for a site called Marketing Fun With Mike right?!?!, but it’s true.  I can be good at and I like it but I’m not the best in the world at it.

But what did land was going back to the data and seeing the gaps where people aren’t looking at all of the right pieces of data.  And those that are looking at the right pieces of data often forget about something: The Human Element.

The human element is what the hot dog stand all stems from and Marketing Fun With Mike was built on.  An ability to live your passion and do work that matters by connecting with people in a real life fashion.

These points are being ignored and often overlooked in the digital marketing, media buying, advertising, and business consultation world.

Much like walks and on base percentage in baseball and age and points per minute in basketball were being there is an overlook and taking a full scale approach to the concepts I described in the prior sentence.

Moneyball media buying and marketing is what I believe is my Hedgehog Concept.

Looking at key indicators like cost per lead, human interaction of marketing sponsorships, and of course ultimately profit per sale when creating a marketing or advertising campaign for a client that others undervalue or don't consider but actually might be the driving forces for a business.

I am passionate about working with businesses that have a mission (Check), I believe revenue can be made from it (Check), and yes there’s an opportunity to be the best in the world at (Check).

That’s my Hedgehog Concept.  Thanks Jim Collins and Michael Lewis for the inspiration.

The question now, since mine is revealed and you had some time to consider it, what is yours?

Once you decide you get to meticulously work at it and pass on opportunities that don’t fall in it.

Thanks for being here, bi weekly videos HERE!

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